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Archive / Re: Inverter upgrade question on a 94 Gillig chassis coach
Last post by Gains44 -
Yahoo Message Number: 112114

I have no insights into your system.

I am still running the Heart Freedom 25 Inverter in the same front utility bay you describe.

I have two 300a Class T fuses between the batteries and the Inverter. One in the Utility compartment and one in the battery bay behind the rear axle.

All work fine with four Golf Cart batteries for the House, two 8D batteries for the chassis, and one battery for the 7.0 Powertech.

Hopefully, I do not have to make changes.

Been using it for 15+ years and 80,000 miles with no significant problems.


95 Magna 5280
Archive / Inverter upgrade question on a 94 Gillig chassis coach
Last post by Double_l81 -
Yahoo Message Number: 112112

Hi Everyone

This inverter project I'm doing - that's moving along like a herd of turtles, has just thrown in a couple of new curves. Has anyone here had hands on experience, or know anyone who has, or who's had this done to their coach?

Started with bad slides on both trays holding the batteries. Four slides, two trays, 4 - 8D's, two house bank two chassis. Coach has sat on shore power 99.9% of the time since I bought it in 2014. Realized as I get into the battery slides that the converter has cooked the house bank long ago. So I start to plan for all new batteries and a system to PROPERLY charge and care for them.
The ONLY thing in this coach for checking batteries is 2 toggle switches on the monitor panel, 1 for the domestic bank and 1 chassis, to check voltage of each bank. Old CC setup was a Todd Engineering 75a converter and Heart HD 1800-12 inverter. Both mounted in the electrical bay. along with 12v dist. panel, 2 transfer switches, AC feeder panel and a couple of things I'm still working on identifying... Also in there is the H2o heater on the drivers side, and partitioned off on the passenger side, is the Suburban furnace. All the AC and DC panels are mounted to the fwd bulkhead where the battery cables go through to the battery bay.

I've planned to install a Magnum MS2812 inverter. Since I'm already having to go this deep, and that I already have to build a new domestic battery tray because of corrosion damage, go with 6 - 6v Lifeline AGM's instead of 2 - 8D's for my house bank. Build the new tray to fit the 6v setup. Ok... If I'm going this far and opening up this much of the coach to do this why not consider solar too? So I've planned that into the mix also.

I am learning the CC electrical system, and coach in general, so as I start preparing for running new 4/0 cable to replace the factory 2/0 cable and 200a fuses to 4/0 - 400a per Magnum recommendations, I realize that the 12v distribution panel is wired in-line BETWEEN the old Heart inverter and the battery bank. Protected by a 200a circuit breaker in the battery bay, and a 200a barrel fuse where the inverter ties to the dist panel. In no drawing I've seen from Magnum do I see ANYTHING, besides a fuse or a shunt, in BETWEEN the battery bank and inverter...


Does anyone have any insight into this particular setup? I've been talking with Kevin Waite (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) and he is connecting me with a man in Fla who is the 'guru' of electrical as Kevin put it... but still interested in any info about this I can get!



1994 40' Affinity #5074
C-10 Cat 10kw Power Tech
Peeling Clear and NO BEER!
Archive / Re: Chassis battery help
Last post by Craig Spiess -
Yahoo Message Number: 112110

Think I may have found the problem. Sitting around outside last night I heard a ticking sound coming from under the front of the coach. It was the step motor drawing current and engaging the tooth gear. Disconnected the line and will charge the chassis battery this morning. Hope this is it.

Craig Spiess
2007 Inspire
Archive / Re: Chassis battery help
Last post by Pfhays2000 -
Yahoo Message Number: 112113

Assume you will check all your battery connections.

Since you could start the engine by using the boost solenoid switch the problem is not your boost solenoid but it may not be getting activated when the engine is running.

One way to check the boost solenoid is to start engine and see if the chassis batteries are getting voltage from the regulator. They probably are not. Then have someone hold the boost switch and check voltage again. If you have alternator voltage at the chassis batteries then the oil pressure switch is probably bad or perhaps not connected.

If you don't see alternator voltage on the chassis batteries with either of the above then suspect your alternator.

The boost switch and the oil pressure switch ground the boost solenoid coil so if you have a bad pressure switch you can run a temporary ground to the boost solenoid coil while you are running the engine.


2000 40' Magna CAT C10, #5892
Archive / Chassis battery help
Last post by Cwspiess -
Yahoo Message Number: 112105

Drove 300 plus miles today. Shut down coach to check in for the night. Would not restart. No juice. Acts like a dead battery. Boost switch works great. Started coach from house batteries. Chassis battery is only one month old. Is there a breaker in the line somewhere.

Craig Spiess
2007 Inspire