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Chassis/Engine Repair / Re: King Controls KC-2600 Electronic Throttle System
Last post by BlueCoyote -
Sorry to hear of your KC2600 issue - and you are not alone. Ours acted up last trip over the Cascades, my wife was a bit worried. Plan was to send the actuator to  King Controls only to find out they are out of business. Based on parts and notes we found in the binders, it has been troublesome in the past.
Will be working on a solution this week - leaning toward a Teleflex / Morse cable and a mechanical throttle pedal, along with provisions for controlling the TPS for the Allison.  Will share what we figure out.
General Repair / Re: 2008 Intrigue Steering Drag Link
Last post by Craig Gebbert -
You might want to try a very heavy chassis grease. We had the same problem when we purchased our 09 Alure. The front end Mechanic said he could fix it with a good grease job. He used a heavy red grease and recommended a grease every 6 mo. Problem Solved that was 3 years ago. Craig

On Jul 5, 2020 5:32 PM, Jeeves via Country
Chassis/Engine Repair / Re: Wires wrapped around steering column broke
Last post by Jeeves -
So was it the clockspring that had been overwound, or the wires routing from the clockspring to the Colum had been damaged? Normally one important step when replacing the clockspring is to ensure that Clockspring itself is centered. This normally comes centered from the manufacturer with a pin locking it into center,  but can easily get turned one or two rotations in either direction during assy , if this happens, and the clockspring is installed "out of center" then when you turn the steering wheel, you can stretch and snap the clockspring flat cable, it will also feel like the steering wheel is binding. From what you have described, I would suggest that they installed the clockspring out of center. If this was the case, you, they will need to replace it again.
General Repair / 2008 Intrigue Steering Drag Link
Last post by Jeeves -
Hi all, I have a 2008 Intrigue 530 which tends to wander all over the road. It was in the Junction City facility several times for trouble shooting and most recently they seemed to suggest that the Control Arm ball joints needed to be replaced. However after further inspections I can see and feel that there is slight play in the forward Drag Link ball joint which connects to the Pitman arm.  Although very slight play can be felt in these ball joints, in my opinion, the play is not sufficient to cause excessive wondering to such a large extent.  Going around a long right curve the steering will not wonder when all the slack is taken up and pressure is on the  steering wheel is maintained to keep the turn, once on the straight away, the wheel will wander and constant input some 20 degrees either way is required to keep the coach straight. I am looking to understand others experiences especially with wondering issues. I have read and understand loading, tire pressure issues can cause wandering, but my coach is really excessive. Has anyone experience with steering box issues, such as wear and free play etc,  Would also appreciate help with finding the correct part numbers for the Drag Link ball joints and manufacturer where these can be procured from. I would also appreciate if any readers have PDF schematics or steering manuals which they are will to share? Thanks
General Repair / Exterior compartment open alarm
Last post by shelby6973 -
We just picked a 2000 36 ft Magna and are getting a voice saying “exterior compartment open” but they’re closed.   What should I look at?  I already checked the sensors.  Thanks
General Repair / Generator controls inside not working
Last post by Rob W -
So recently On our 2008 Magna, I can no longer start or stop the generator from inside the coach.  The silver leaf just says fault and the start and stop buttons on the intelitec panel do nothing.  I can start and stop it from the switch on the generator itself no problem.  I have read posts about relays in the dash behind the tac and speed odometers but I can’t find anything there.  I have also reset the silver leaf system many times with no results.  Any ideas?  Thanks...
General Repair / Breaker connecting engine staring batteries to house batteries tripping.
Last post by Rob W -
Thought I would share this in case someone else had the same issue, save you the $35 in buying a new breaker.  On my Magna there is a Blue Sea battery link that automatically connects the engine starting batteries with the house batteries when the engine batteries get below a certain voltage, thus keeping them charged along with the house batteries.  Between the Blue Sea Battery Link and the engine batteries is a #SDLM60 by KLIXON 60 amp breaker.   I noticed one day that my engine batteries were significantly discharged with not enough power to even light up the dash...upon further investigation the breaker was tripped preventing the engine batteries from combining with the house batteries and getting a charge.  Resetting the breaker got an immediate trip.

I thought I had a bad breaker and bought a new one.....same thing, immediate trip.....  turns out it was tripping because the load to charge the engine batteries was too much and exceeding the breaker capacity.  Running the engine for a bit and charging the engine batteries using the alternator brought them back up enough that the combine feature worked fine agin and the breaker isn’t tripping.

At some point the breaker must have tripped for some reason I still don’t know and after enough time went by the engine batteries got too low in voltage for the combine feature to work.  Everything seems to be fine now..

Hope that helps somebody, it wasn’t obvious to me as I was trouble shooting.