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General Repair / Main Slide Adjustment
Last post by 429CV23 -
I had our '04 Inspire to a local shop last month; their moronic techs have no idea how to something as simple as adjusting a slide.  My complaint was the front of the slide was low; the slide bar cover was overlapping the body when retracted.  They fixed that, but now there is a 3/4" gap at the top which extends most of the way down each side. 
The low-skilled techs also destroyed a compartment door latch - ripped the latch apart trying to open the compartment; for what reason no one there could give me as that compartment is under the kitchen slide, which they were not touching.  They left it broken, with the compartment door slightly open, for me to drive home.  I had a 1-sided screaming match with them in front of 4-5 other customers waiting to pick up their rigs to force them to address it before I left; needless to say I'll never take an RV there again.  Poor workmanship and another $50 out of my pocket for a latch.

Does anyone know of a good service provider in Colorado that has a capable skillset to adjust a slide?  Or a mobile tech in the Phoenix area I can contact next time we're there? 

General Repair / Re: Inverter System
Last post by txcore -
I have a 2007 affinity and have had to reset my converter twice, in the second storage bay there is an access panel to the converters
General Repair / Awning question
Last post by SteveNJan -
Recently acquired  a 2000 Intregue 40 DP. I never thought to ask about a center support. Does it have one? I see a rod in the basement with a 90 degree bent on one end and a configuration on the other end that I could not describe LOL is that a support bar?
General Repair / Re: 2004 inspire 36 leveler control module location
Last post by J. Dale Collier -
On the 2005 Inspire it is very close to the center of the coach, in both directions.  So, it is behind the center “ceiling” panel in the rear storage bay, screwed to the sub floor from underneath.  You must remove the screws from the ceiling panel and move the panel out of the way in order to see the leveling control.

2005 Inspire 53477
Classifieds / Country coach Sunset Bay wanted
Last post by bcmc26129 -
Looking for a 2007-2008 Country Coach with the Sunset Bay floor plan.  Wanting a clean "No issues" coach that's ready to go.  400 ISL Cummins desired.  Please send photos and description to my e-mail   I will respond back as soon as possible
I am a cash buyer and ready to buy the right coach.
Thank you
Ray and Christine Hallenbeck
General Repair / Exterior Lighting Issues - '94 Magna
Last post by Old BIll -
I recently acquired a '94 CC Magna... It has just over 80k (low) miles on it and has had a ton of really expensive work done to it in the past 3 years...  I bought it mostly to have a place to live in should we have to make a run for it due to the terrible wildfires we're faced with out here in the West...

The thing is a powerhouse, and all of the drivetrain seems to work as it should, including the cruise control and the "jake"... ( A real plus, I know...) 

But all is not well in the electrical department:  On the control panel at the driver's left is a dazzling array of switches...  But only a few of them do anything... Although the head, tail, brake and back up lights work as advertised,  (These are all controlled by the pull out switch on the lower LH dashboard, or brake pedal or turn signal..)  NONE of the other exterior lights work... No Fog Lights; No Curb lights, no Flood Lights, and no Drive Lights...  (The curb lights have ordinary 12v bulbs in them and they're still good... There's just no power getting to them...)  The interior exhaust fans don't work either...

I've looked inside the electrical wiring access door,  (First small door from the front on the driver's side..)  but there doesn't seem to be any breakers in there...??? 

I sure would like to be able to have a Porch Light at the very least... Oh, and BTW, the porch light takes two F8 T5 florescent tubes in it, which I'm assuming require 120 volts or thereabouts...  And if you decide to remove yours to clean them be careful to NOT wash the identifying info off them, which is what happened to me... Fortunately the closet light had the same tubes in it or I'd have been up the proverbial creek!

Thanks for wading through this wordy epistle... You've got sand! 

Here's hoping you can help! 
General Repair / Re: Intermittent gauge activity
Last post by Old BIll -
I have a '94 Magna with an erratic oil pressure gauge also... 'Been all over the engine, (Or at least as far as I can reach / see..) looking for the oil pressure sending unit and thus far have come up with a -0-...  Erratic gauges are most often caused by a poor connection, or a poor ground...  In my case, the only issue is the oil pressure gauge;  all the other gauges being rock solid, so that rules out a poor ground to the dash...  I haven't pulled the dash panel yet, but it's definitely on my to-do list... 
General Repair / Silverleaf
Last post by VBone -
Hi.  My Country Coach is equipped with a Silverleaf management system.  Is the inverter controlled by it?

Would appreciate any help anyone out there could give me.