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General Repair / Re: Aqua hot heater
Last post by Greg Labadie -
Curious to know the outcome of this... Also it is a test to see if the CC Forum is pushing emails to us... My coach is running great!
Chassis/Engine Repair / Re: Losing Fuel Prime
Last post by J. Dale Collier -
Thank you David. 

This being a Cat C9 it has a HEUI fuel system there are not any check valves shown on the schematics or that I can find by visually inspecting.  There is a fuel pressure regulator valve on the back of the block which I hav already addressed a leak at the fuel return to the tank line.  When trying to get the engine started following loss of fuel prime I noticed the fittings, on top of the tank, for both the fuel supply and return lines were leaking significantly with very minimal air pressure on the tank.  I am going fix the fitting leaks, install a check valve, or two, and an electric lift pump in the fuel supply line.  I'm hoping the electric lift pump it will care any future loss of prime issues.  As soon as the current cold front goes away, I'll go to work on it.  Was hoping for fitting information so I could purchase in advance, but will just dive in to see what I find.

We really love our coach and haven't had any problems other than well known issues, and the fuel supply lines.  It seems kind of strange to me that this isn't an issue for others.  We've had problems with loss of prime since we first purchased the coach.  I fix problems as they come up, this now make a total of 5 problems with the chassis fuel supply system.  After repair of the tank fitting every chassis fuel line connection wil be addressed.  Hopefully we'll be done!

Thanks again,
Chassis/Engine Repair / Re: Losing Fuel Prime
Last post by drh_784 -
I had a problem with fuel prime and ended up replacing a fuel check valve on the back of the engine. I have a Detroit Series 60 and the fuel check valve is located on the back of the head where the fuel exits to return back to the tank. I had to remove the bed and engine access panel in the bedroom. Changing the valve was the easy part.

General Repair / Re: CC Allure 470 2006 Step malfunction.
Last post by Smitty -
Are you hearing any attempts of it going out? Or no sound at all? If you are hearing attempts of it going out. Carefully, as in safely from say the front of the coach - out of the line of fire if the come out!! Reach up and tap the electric motor. (This will sometimes shake things loose. If it does, then clean and lubricate the running gears of the step and slide outs.). If no sound, check the fuse is not blown. If the fuse looks OK,  just the act of pulling it out and then putting it back in - does sort of a CTRL-ALT-DELETE reboot of the brain. And if that does not do anything, start checking the wire from either the mechanical or magnetic button that tells the steps when your door is opened or closed. The wires can break off of the back of the switch, and or along the path, due to years of vibration. Those are my tips... And best of luck - Smitty
General Repair / 1994 Prevost XL Country Coach House Wiring Issue
Last post by CraigT -
I am in need of a schematic for the 12/24V house wiring. Specifically I need to know the location and origin of wire #166 that energizes the relay/solenoid for the above mentioned circuit. I have lost power on that wire and have had to remove it and install a jumper wire with a toggle switch until I can find and fix the issue properly. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated