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General Repair / Re: No heat or defrost
Last post by Pfhays -
Not sure you have a fuse.  On my 2000 Magna the power for those items comes from a 30 amp circuit breaker on the fuse panel in the bay under the driver's seat.  The circuit breaker is the top one in the middle of the 3 rows of fuses and circuit breakers.

Usually that bay is called the front run bay and the fuse panel in that bay is called the front run fuse panel.  According to my schematic, there are 6 relays hidden under the dash as part of the system.  I don't think there is one critical relay that has to operate before other things will work.

If you have the OTR air conditioning in your bedroom then see if that fan works with the ignition turned on.  If so then the 30 amp circuit breaker mentioned above is OK.

2000 40' Magna CAT C10  #5892
General Repair / Re: No heat or defrost
Last post by DJ55 -
On my 03 Allure, the 7.5 amp fuse for the fan controller is in the ignition fuse panel, which is in the first bay on the driver's side. It's wire 84.
General Repair / No heat or defrost
Last post by Bnnballard -
Just purchased a 2002 Country Coach  Affinity. Purchased from widow and has little info for me. I can’t get fan or fans for both driver and passenger heat, defrost and cooling to work. Can’t find any blown fuses. Can anyone tell me where and which fuse is for fan motors?
Thank you
General Repair / No Headlights 09 Alure 470
Last post by Craig Gebbert -
I have no headlights high or low beams. I have checked fuses,Relays, Smartstear and I think I have it isolated to the steering column. Would anyone possibly have a diagram for the 12 pin connector at the steering column. I think the switch on the column must be the culprit. Hope Ya'll Can Help. THANKS Craig
General Repair / Re: PTO
Last post by Sharon Brandt -
If you are in the Junction City area, have one of the service providers there check it out for you.  Premier RV or OMC would be good options.  If you are headed to Tucson area have it checked by Eric Olstrom at Olstrom Coach Repair.  All of those mentioned know what to look for.

General Repair / Re: PTO
Last post by DJ55 -
You probably have the dry PTO, I think most (if not all) 04's and later had it. Check out the 101a file here to see what to look for and what changes are needed.
General Repair / PTO
Last post by Connie Mulholland -
Recently we had a discussion with the owner of Kenai Coach in Junction City (he sells Country Coaches) and he warned us about the dry PTO issue.  We have had our coach for 5 years and had never heard about this.  I have searched this forum and saw that there was a report called PTO 101a.  I cannot find it! I searched the archives.  It might have been in the old Yahoo file section.  I have no idea if our coach has this issue or if it has been fixed.  We have an Allure 2004 Seaside 31072.  Can anyone point me to the file? And, does anyone know whether we have/had the dry PTO in our coach?
General Repair / Re: Hatch door crunched
Last post by DJ55 -
Connie, if you'd prefer to have someone in the JC area do the fix, then I suggest calling Jim Cooley at Premier. The folks at Premier undoubtedly know the supplier and could do the painting. Another option would be to call the RV painter Bob worked with, Julio Patino of El Duro Painting in Eugene. 541-520-1481. I spoke with Julio a year ago and I think he said he could source bay doors and, of course, paint them.
General Repair / Re: Hatch door crunched
Last post by Greg Labadie -
Same thing happened to me when I first bought my coach and made a stupid mistake ( not lifting tag) in a tight campground with big rocks in corners. I had Eric Olstrom fix it. It is perfect now, like factory, can't tell it was hit. He ordered the doors from OR. And it took a few weeks, then paint, the whole thing to a couple months, but it is perfect. I would recommend him.

2006 Magna
General Repair / Hatch door crunched
Last post by Connie Mulholland -
We somehow managed to crunch our rear hatch door on the passenger side.  Bob Vinson of RCV custom coach, looked at it and straightened it, so it's usable but said we needed to order a new door.  He was going to handle that for us.  Planned to get it done next spring. Evidently some company in Oregon can make the door.  Unfortunately, Bob Vinson, has passed away, (we are so sad about this) -  and we have no idea what company can make us a new door.  Wondering if anyone knows who does this.