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Archive / Yahoo discontinue
Last post by Ed Velasquez -
Yahoo Message Number: 118658
I believe all of us on the Country Coach forum have been put on notice by yahoo, that "our" forum as we know it will be discontinuing very soon. I belong to another group using yahoo groups, "American Coach". American Coach is moving all their files from Yahoo forums to a new group:

groups. IO. Froxlor Server Management Panel. IO
Their new home page is: | Home

I'm posting this message (along with a posting from their message board) to see if Country Coach can do something similar as American Coach is doing. I would hate to see all of the valuable information we have to be lost.
I know there is a cost involved to use the new, and I would be willing to pay the first year charge, I believe it is $110.

Archive / Re: Bathroom sink faucet [1 Attachment]
Last post by SBC -
Yahoo Message Number: 118642
I don't know what kind of Fossett you have in your bathroom. My 2003 intrigue has just a very simple Fossett I have a leak in it also. Country coach charge me $195 to replace the gasket. It's still leaked. I want to Home Depot and bought a faucet for $29 put it in in 10 minutes. I haven't had a problem since.

You might consider doing this yourself. If you have a high end faucet it might have you may have trouble finding a match.

Glen Coulter 2003 intrigue

Archive / Re: 2000 CC Allure fresh water tank level indicator
Last post by Jim and Jona Seifert -
Yahoo Message Number: 118652
I (thankfully) have not had this problem. You may want to check resistance on the tank senders. I'm not exactly sure what kind of sender your tank has (internal or external) but basically, if you've checked everything, its probably the sender. Having worked with other tank senders (fuel, water, etc) a bad sender usually sends "Zero" showing a broken connections somewhere, or "Full" showing a crossed or grounded wire somewhere. Someone with a 2000 vintage coach might know more. My Dad had a 2000 Magna, but I (thankfully) never had to work on it. Best, Jim

Jim and Jona Seifert

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Archive / 2000 CC Allure fresh water tank level indicator
Last post by Wes Owens -
Yahoo Message Number: 118635

Just curious if anyone has had this happen, and if so what fixed it?

My 2000 CC Allure 36' #30443 fresh water tank level on my panel suddenly shows only "E" when the fresh water button is pressed. The tank is full.

I have the panel that has the buttons, and the 5 indicator LEDs which change based on the current button pressed.

All other tank indicators are reading correctly when those buttons are pressed (grey/black/propane, etc).

I've checked the wire connections on the tank, cleaned and used NOALOX electrical corrosion inhibitor on them. It was working one day, then the next, nada.

I've also removed and reseated the connectors on the tank indicator electronics board behind the switches. All looks clean there.


2000 CC Allure 36' #30443
Currently at Parker Canyon Lake, AZ