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Classifieds / Re: HydraLift For Sale
Last post by Ed Recknagle -
I think your weight distribution concerns are valid.  I was looking at installing a Hydra lift on my coach and a friend offered a Cruiser Lift for free so I went to their web page to do the research.  In their Literature I found a work sheet that helps you determine the effect on your RV.  After doing the math I found that I would overload the rear suspension a lot.  It wasn’t the tires or the wheels or the bearings or the axle, it was the air suspension limit that caused the issue.
General Repair / Re: Power Steering groaning....
Last post by Pfhays -
The rebuilt box was about $1550 including freight but there is a $400 core refund when the old box is sent back to them.  I netted about $315 on the core since I had to pay the freight.  The box weighs about 90 pounds.  Labor, fluid, and miscellaneous parts was almost $1000.  I used Richard Parks Truck Repair in Dothan, AL.  They did a good job but it might have gone quicker if they had a pit or lift so they didn't have to lay on the floor to do the work.  My box was removed by cutting a part of the square tubing bracing the fiberglass front end and dropping the box out the bottom of the chassis.  They welded tabs on the cut piece of tubing and bolted it back in place so they wouldn't have to disconnect all the electronics in order to weld the piece back on.  Someone told me that their box was removed through the front run bay which would prevent cutting the square tubing.
General Repair / power steering fluid replacement--what kind????
Last post by Cooper1951 -
I have read it is not a good idea to use syntran in your power steering reservoir. I am going to try Sea Foam Transmission/power steering conditioner in mine and then replace the fluid. What is the current recommendation for the type of ATF to use? Have any of you used this Sea Foam product?
General Repair / Re: Power Steering groaning....
Last post by Pfhays -
Mike, my 2000 Magna uses the Sheppard M110PJW3R steering box.  When mine died I had to go to Sheppard and have them supply a rebuilt box.  There may be other places with rebuilt boxes but the repair place I used couldn't locate another source.  Sheppard won't rebuild until they get the money and it takes 5 days to rebuild a box and then it is shipped freight to you.  If you have to use Sheppard plan on being down for a minimum 8 to 10 days.
Classifieds / Re: HydraLift For Sale
Last post by Gary Wittig -
Sorry, I just now found your response. 
I never used it as I do not have a motorcycle.
The frame mounts may be different and recommendation for the correct mounting parts would have to come from HydraLift.
I see no issue with lifting 1,000lbs. nor an issue with the total weight "out back".
Gary Wittig
General Repair / Power Steering groaning....
Last post by Cooper1951 -
My power steering appears to be going bad. Lots of noise when I turn the wheel. Thought replacing old fluid with new might help, but it didn't.. Can anyone give me a part number or tell me where I can order a new pump? Thank You
2002 CC Magna
General Repair / Re: Needing a key for my surge protector
Last post by Cooper1951 -
  I received your key, thank you. In the meantime, one of my grandchildren found my old key inside the coach. Your key did not work, so I compared it to the key they found---They are identical, but neither fits in the key slot---Can't figure that one out, so my surge protector remains in the off position.
Chassis/Engine Repair / Transmission
Last post by Racecar55! -
I am trying to put a Country Coach 2005 inspire back together.  It has had the transmission and tcm removed and I am having trouble finding the correct one to put back in.  I have a 3000 rds that I would like to put in, but need the cin number off of an original tcm for this coach.  It has a 400 hp c9 and had an Allison 3000 mh p.  Would anyone have parts or info?  Thanks