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double cell room darkening window shades

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Many on this list have discussed repairing or replacing day-night shades. We replaced every day-night shade in our CC with 3/8" double cell room darkening shades. We love the results and feel that others might benefit from this alternative.
Sleep experts say it?s critical to sleep quality that your bedroom be totally dark. The fabric filters 97% of natural light so the bedroom is totally dark even at high noon in Arizona or at night parked directly under a security light. Privacy is improved because a person standing outside at night cannot see your shadow on the shade when you walks around inside (as occurs with most RV shades). (I?m shy!) From the outside, it?s even hard to tell if there?s a light on inside the coach!
Heating and air conditioning is more effective because an R-value of approximately 3-5 (as I recall) reduces heat transmission through the windows. The double-cell construction also reduces noise from outside which makes the RV quieter.
Some might replace only bedroom shades but we?re glad we replaced the others too. It cost $809 to replace 7 shades. We ordered ours from American Blinds ( but there are alternatives. Color availability enables matching existing decors almost exactly.
A tip: When possible, I removed the entire valance/surround frame to get better access to remove and replace the shades. On most windows, one L-bracket on each side and a few screws from below up through a bottom wooden support strip enabled removal of the surround frame. An electric screwdriver with a long blade (for when you cannot remove the surround frame) can be helpful (it reduces cursing substantially!).

It worked great for us ?may not for you - but worth a look.

Harv & Carol Gunderson
1997 36' Allure # 30050


Re: double cell room darkening window shades

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