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Flooring question

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Hi Everyone, the carpet in front of the tv and in the bedroom is looking pretty tired in our 2007 intrigue. Has anyone updated theirs. Is there any option besides carpet in the bedroom?


Darrell and Marsha
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Re: Flooring question

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We hace put engineered wood in the front area coach and really like it, plan to replace bedroom carpet as soon as we can find someone to do it.

Wally & Elta Mae

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Re: Flooring question

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As soon pointed out, a location would be a good idea. So, we will be in Casa Grande from the middle of August to sometime around March. We have the flooring.

Re: Flooring question

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I am in Weatherford Tx and probably have installed many of your coaches with engineered wood. Ernie Ekberg

Flooring question

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Good Morning Ernie,

My name is Larry. I have a 1994 Affinity that I'm working on upgrading for myself. After I get through with my current project of rebuilding battery trays and slides, upgrading bad batteries, bad converter, upgrading inverter and planning out a solar system... Whew!!

After that job, my interior is going to get some love it's needed for too long. I joined this group for the wealth of knowledge from it's members. Have seen you're group too, and would love to look at the photo gallery of you're work for ideas, but I hate navigating through this Yahoo! group format, so I haven't joined yours... Forgive me! ; )

What have you found to be the best way to install engineered hardwood flooring in a coach? The proper underlayment, the best method of attaching it to the sub-floor (floated, glued, etc.) Is there a product line that works better than another? I've seen posts saying you don't use 1/4 round at the wall joints, I think I understand why, but would like to hear the reasons, and you're method of doing that. I've never installed flooring in my life, but as an ASE master engine machinist, among other things, and able to do anything with my hands I set my mind to, I see this as a great project! Any other pearls of wisdom and experience you care to share... I'd be grateful for any thing you care to share!

If a person wants to be or do the best, you ask and learn from the best... Thank you for you're time, and have a great day!


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Re: Flooring question

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We changed out our carpet last year in bedroom and it was pretty easy. Used the old one as a template, staple gun and looks great. Thought about wood, but there's just a lot of wood already and couldn't find one that we thought would work.

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