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Awning sensor not working

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I need some help. I had my patio awnings on my 2006 Affinity out the other day when the wind picked up...just a gust or two before it stopped. My rear awnings came in but my fronts didn't. Rick climbed up there today and did a spin test. Sure enough the rear sensor is working but the front is not. What can be wrong and how do we test it? We replaced both sensors about three years.


Tammy Toalson

2006 Affinity 6611

Re: Awning sensor not working

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I have fought with these awnings many times, and they won... I think my wind sensors are ok, but the ZipDee patio awnings will open and close on their own, like ghost operation... I just turn the power switch off after I have them where I want them. I talked to a ZipDee tech guy, and he said their are many radio signals that will trigger them. I think perhaps Bluetooth, or inverter Xanbus signals, even a trucker going by with CB --  any of these signals can trigger the awning to go in/out on it's own. My rear awning is more of the culprit, the front one is ok, so I don't know why that would be, but I have given up fighting them. I just turn off power switch after extend/retract. Also be darn sure they are retracted well and power switch off before traveling in the coach. I have heard of horror stories where they have started to open going down the road. Sorry I don't have better news. If you do hear of a solution to this, please post.


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Awning sensor not working

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I have/had the same problem, same awning on my 2007 Intrigue several times. Now when I start the coach and do my check list, I go to the hall cabinet and pull the 20 amp fuse and walla, never had problem again. When you stop for the day, reinsert the fuse.