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Size of DP

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I am looking for some insights from experienced users. We are looking for our first DP for spending our winters away from Canada and while we are not new to travelling in the USA, having done it most of our lives , and love it, I am having some reservations about 40 ft vs 35-36 foot motorhomes.

In our 60's we are not kids so this will be a one shot deal for the number of years we have to travel and am not leery of the travel but am having concerns about maneuverability and accessibility to parks, campgrounds for 40 ft units.

Any input would be greatly appreciated


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Re: Size of DP

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Mike, many of the East and West coastal states have older camp sites (east coast) or state restrictions (CA) so over 35 feet can be a problem.

Otherwise, my experience suggests 2/3 to 3/4 can handle 40 footers. My RVERS book of almost 1,000 public Campgrounds does give the  maximum size the place can handle - "RVers Best Public Campgrounds" avaliable at Amazon.

Lee Zaborowski

Re: Size of DP

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Generally speaking you shouldn't have any problems getting into almost all campgrounds. When you are traveling down highways the length of your coach will not be an issue. Where you will appreciate the shorter coach is its maneuverability within tight campgrounds. I have a 36' coach our traveling companion has a 40' coach. There have been several times in our travels together where he could not make some of the tight turns that I was able to make.
Our 36' coach is perfect for the two of us. However, If you plan on traveling with more than 2 people in your coach you may want to consider a 40 or 42' motor home.
Happy Travels!
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Re: Size of DP

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We have a 40 ft. coach and LOVE it.

Unless you are planning to spend a lot of time in state or federal parks, you will appreciate the extra space afforded by the larger coach.

D Jean

Re: Size of DP

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We have an Intrigue 45ft and did an eleven thousand mile trip around the USA last yr and had no problem with length but a few times we were lacking a 50 amp service. This is our first RV, purchased 3 yrs ago and very glad we bought what we did. As for calif if you are a resident you need a class B lic Darrell and Marsha
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Re: Size of DP

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Wow, sound like a big trip ! In Manitoba we need a special Class 3 with an Air Brake Endorsement, and an annual physical . Just passed the written, physical ( my wife hid the treats) and now off for some actual driving then a road test.
Who knew it was so much work to get ready to have fun !

Take care  

Re: Size of DP

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No air brake endorsement in calif but all the rest apply. We are planning a trip to Nova Scotia from California next summer Darrell 2007 Intrigue

Re: Size of DP

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We spent 2 years traveling the eastern part of the USA without any issues with a 40' Inspire. I don't thing it should be an issue.

Jock Vargo

Re: Size of DP

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We have been traveling since April 30 in our 40' Inspire from Phoenix, AZ to Bar Harbor, ME and are currently on the way back to AZ. Total trip 16 weeks with 3.5 weeks in Canada. This is our first cross country trip, we have had zero problems finding places to stay, although we could not stay in some parks due to length. There are many helpful smart phone apps to find places to stay, my favorite is "Park Advisor".

George Magee
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Re: Size of DP

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We full-timed for several years in a 45' Monaco Executive doing all 48 states, all but 2 Canadian Provinces and northern Mexico. We got as far east as the eastern end of Nova Scotia. We had the hardest time finding campgrounds in CT. That was due to there being so few, not the coach size. The 45†coach would actually turn much shorter than our previous 40' or 42' coaches by raising the tag. It effectively shortened the wheelbase a lot.

Enjoy your trip,

Jim Wiler

Re: Size of DP

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Thank you everyone for your input and experiences. While not purchased yet as still looking for that right deal we have decided to stick to 40' for the extra room and work around other issues and see them as an experiences of the journey

Safe travels