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Motorhome Dilema

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I just listed my 2006 Country Coach Inspire for sale on Craig's List in Phoenix area.  I'm not sure what to make of several phone calls I've gotten.  Perhaps some of you out there will have had experience with this and can advise me.  I know there are lots of scams out there so I'm trying to be careful in my dealings.  So first I get a call from 'Cindy', from a company called 'Ownerslist'.  She says they are a private online auction company with registered buyers.  I pay them $399 and they advertise in magazines, youtube, various websites and notify all their registered buyers.  They do this for me until it sells. They supposedly have a 98% success rate for my listed price. I asked how they make their money and she said it is through the financing that they offer their buyers.  My husband checked and they have an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.  She's calling me back tomorrow.  Then the 2nd call I got was from Mary - from 'National Marketing Classified'...she only charges $199 to list it on her numerous sites where "thousands of interested buyers will see it." This is also a one time charge and they will keep flooding the marketplace with my ad (unlimited text and 20 pictures) until it sells for my listed price.  She also said they make their money through the financing and providing transportation, warranties and inspections for by the buyers.  SO WHAT DO I DO?  I've always found great wisdom on this forum, so hoping some of you will share your thoughts.  Thanks so much! Sue Shuckhart

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Re: Motorhome Dilema

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I'd stay on your Craig's list and also go on RVTrader. I went with one of those Company's and had no luck on selling my 5th wheel. They had my add wrong with the wrong price and they didn't even had it advertised like they said they would. Stay far away from them.

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Re: Motorhome Dilema

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Since it is  unusual to finance a motorhome over 10 years old, those finance companies may be a scam... I would just list it on and They seem to have most of the motorhome trafic. I always found Craig's List to be a snake pit. I was selling a high end bicycle once on Craig's List, and the buyer said he didn't have a car and wanted me to deliver it in a gang area of Los Angeles... Right... For inexpensive items, I think Craig's List is ok, but for expensive things like motorhomes, boats or cars, I would stay away from them. Greg06 Magna 6642
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Re: Motorhome Dilema

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I agree. Stick with known RV industry players. That's where we buyers week look.
You were right to be cautious of people calling you as a result of your listing.

Re: Motorhome Dilema

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They all are semi scams. You would be better off putting it on Craigslist or Facebook yourself and keep your money. I tried one and was on it for a year, got several calls that wanted my coach for half of what it was worth, just like dealers do.2006 Magna 6622Gary GlennServiceMaster by A-Town / Hi-Tech325-665-4993

Re: Motorhome Dilema

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I would not be paying anyone money at this point, except to advertise it for yourself. Since you just listed it, I would wait and post it on rv trader and ebay and Anyone who is looking for coaches, checks out those sites first.
I have bought coaches from both sites and find them a great tool for exposure.
Good luck,

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Re: Motorhome Dilema

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We listed ours on Ebay, think we paid $50.00 and sold it the first week. Worked real good, had a number of buyers. But we priced it right....

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Re: Motorhome Dilema

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You would be better off sticking with the main on line listing sites…….RVT, RVTRADER, etc. That's how I sold my 2001 Affinity. Those sites that seek you out really don't add a lot of value for you. Most potential buyers use the internet to seek out the coach that they want. It may take a while, but you will sell your CC and lose your $$$ to those guys.
Good luck

former 2001 42' Affinity owner.

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