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Intellitec Multiplex

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Hi gang. New user here. Just signed up to join this group!

2007 Magna. Having those pesky 3am dance parties when all the interior lights decide to turn on themselves!

Bad control board for the multiplex system?

Re: Intellitec Multiplex

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we had this problem with our Intellitec lights at a State Campground in FL. Even though the power pedestal from the CG tested OK, the problem disappeared when running on the genset. Bad Power. Disconnect from Shore Power and run the lights using your inverter or genset and see if the problem resolves itself.

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Re: Intellitec Multiplex

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I too thought pedestal when it first happened. Unplugged. Still happened. Drove home. Happened while driving. Plugged into my shop at home (only 30a) and all was fine for about a week. Came home from work yesterday and all lights on in the coach. Silverleaf still reads perfect shore power connection (no faults detected and have the all-important smiley face on the Total Coach Monitoring system in the bath hall.)

So frustrating!

Re: Intellitec Multiplex

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When we had this problem it turned out to be water getting into the wall and onto the unit. There was bad caulking around the wire coming from my solar down to the battery compartment.

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Re: Intellitec Multiplex

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Had a similar thing happen. Traveling down the road my DW got up for something and said all the lights inside are on and "blinking". We could not change what they were doing while driving. So we pulled over and powered the coach completely down. Powered it back up and all worked as it should. Shortly after that we discovered that one of the house battery was bad. Just something to check I guess.

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Re: Intellitec Multiplex

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Had the same problem when a water leak was getting a intellitec wall switch wet. Repaired leak, all is well.

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Re: Intellitec Multiplex

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Check alternator output may be overcharging batteries. Ruined 2 before the problem was discovered 2006 Magna 6622


Re: Intellitec Multiplex

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"Onto the unit"? Which unit? That sounds very probable. Had a broken check valve from the No Fuss Flush water system (behind the pantry.) Water everywhere. And when I checked the wiring diagrams for the coach realized the water sprayed against the wall quite literally right below three "things" marked HIGH VOLTAGE and it appears one of the three is a part of the module system which I suspect is Multiplex (in some way shape or form)