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shower skylight

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Hi, we have a 2000 magna just wanted to know if of any way to cover the inside of skylight to insulated it from letting in heat in summer, now i have a 2'' piece of foam works ok but is a problem when not in skylight, hard to store, Thannks Charles 5886

Re: shower skylight

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We used a large piece of cardboard, but a piece of insulation board would be good also. We covered it with contact paper about the same color as the ceiling. Also added a tab of clear tape to be able to easily pull it back down.
Have also heard of people putting masking tape around the top of the skylight and painting the balance with white reflective paint, Gene Sword

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Re: shower skylight

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My wife cut some frabric the size of the skylight and put loops in the ends. I put it up by using two tension rods sized for the opening. Easy to put up and take down.

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