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We all have them, or have read about them. Here goes mine (and I promise there's a question at the end):

Like many of us have experienced (or read about) our Intellitec/Multiplex decide to turn on all by themselves. Morning, noon, night, 5am it doesn't matter. Shore power, dry camping etc also doesn't matter.

Fortunately Kevin Waite turned me on to Bob Benson (i believe correct last name) will help us out with some investigation in the next few weeks.

Now the question;

When plugged into shore power at home (30a), each night I go out to the coach and hit the battery disconnect switch in the entryway.

Why? It's embarrassing to wake up and head down the driveway (at 5am) to go to work and see all my interior coach lights (or the parking lights/flood lights which are basically the reverse lights turned on super bright.) So out of sight, out of mind.

No big deal being plugged into shore and turning that battery switch off every night, then back on when i get home from work, right? When I turn it back on, and check the Total Monitoring system all still looks great. Smiley Face on the main menu screen. Pass thru at 13.6a on the inverters. All seems kosher!

So basically throwing that switch to save some embarrassment with the neighbors.

Anyone see any red flags?

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You didn't state year and model. In my Allure 2008 sometimes when I switch power or low 12 volts they will switch on. Mine seems to only happen if voltage is a little low.
Please keep us posted on what you find.

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There should be no reason to put the house battery switch back on each day. The inverter and echo charger will keep the batteries up to snuff whether the house switch is on or off. I always turn mine off, despite keeping the rig plugged into 120v power when in storage. This is "insurance" against a power outage that I don't know about. Learned this the hard way. After a couple weeks without external power, my house batteries were down to 3.7v just due to parasitic losses.

I believe the only way to disconnect the inverter/charger from the batteries is to trip the main battery breakers - which I never do.

Don Hutchins

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