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Alternator Over Charging

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After we were parked at a RV site for 3 days at Siskiwit Bay Marina in Cornucopia, WI for 3 days, when we started up to leave, after 30 seconds, got an inverter alarm and the ABS light came on on the instrument panel. The alternator voltage was up to 15 volts. After we hooked up our toad and started driving out, the voltage increased with RPM and went up to over 17 volts at 1200 RPM. I was concerned about burning out lights and any 12 volt electronics so stopped to trouble shoot.

One time several years ago, the alternator wouldn't charge after we started a trip. I kept the batteries up for 1200 miles of driving by occasionally running the generator until I had a chance to trouble shoot and traced the problem to a blown 10 amp fuse to wire #79 which went to the alternator and what I believed energized the alternator field coil. I pulled this fuse, expecting the alternator to stop producing voltage and there was no change. I removed the battery cable to the charger and taped it off and returned to my brothers home in Knife River, MN where I could troubleshoot the problem. Due commitments with family and friends, have not been able to troubleshoot yet and won't until we return home in Maryland. But since removing power on wire 79 to the alternator did not have any effect, I tend to believe that wire 79 is used as a sense voltage feedback to the regulator and does not energize the field coil..

Has anyone has experienced this issue or is familiar with these alternators and have some thoughts as to what is wrong?

PS: Siskiwit Bay Marina on Lake Superior has space for 5 RV's on a sandy spit of land between the marina and the bay. We were parked with the front of the RV 10 feet from a nice sand beach overlooking the bay and the entry breakwalls and the rear of the coach is within 100 ft of the the marina. The sunsets here are beautiful. Within 3 miles of here are fantastic caves along the shore in the Apostle Islands National Park and can be easily accessed by boat or kayak, with kayak rental and tours about a 1/4 mile away. This is not a location found in RV guide books.

Re: Alternator Over Charging

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I am so grateful to you for posting this info about where you were parked. I've never heard of this area even, and we are from MN and felt like we knew a lot about WI and MN as well as the UP of MI. I wonder if I missed seeing your coach type below which would help in knowing if it has to do with our Inspire or not. Thank you, and I don't know your name, so I can't address your with your name. But again, thanks so much for the camping and adventure-filled area you've described below.

Mary and Mike Frederick
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Re: Alternator Over Charging

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Sorry, I was in a hurry to meet a friend and didn't sign off.

Dennis Ojard 2003 Allure #30884 with Cummins 370HP ISL engine. (I don't know the alternator manufacturer, but suspect it is a very common unit)

Re: Alternator Over Charging

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had the same overvoltage problem....not sure what amp or mount you have. Delco Remy is the one you want. had best price for me.

Luther Wikle
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