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Horn has always worked. I have a fuse that blows. It serves wire #134 found in outside fuse box below driver. The schematics show wire serves hydronics heat circulation pump which I am in the process of replacing. I suspect this circuit also might serve the horn. I have searched all through the manuals and schematics and NO mention anywhere about the horn. Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.

Dave W.

2003 36' Integrity

Re: Horn

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On my 2000 Magna, the fuse for those pumps also fuses the heated mirrors with black wire #78. The third fuse from the top in the middle set of fuses on the fuse board in the front run bay.

My air horn is fused with purple wire #81. This fuse is the second from the top on the passenger side of the fuse board.

Are you saying your air horn does not work. If not, pull the bells off the air horns and check for insect nests. Had them in both of my air horns.

Also, the solenoid valve for the air horn was sticking. Have someone repeatedly press the horn button while you listen to the solenoid. If it doesn't click try hitting it with a small hammer or large wrench. If you get it to work remember to exercise the air horn to keep the solenoid from sticking.


2000 40' Magna CAT C-10, #5892