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Koni EVO-99's thoughts

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Still under 1K miles on the 99's on our steers. But enough driving in various conditions in the last 3-4 days, to get a good feel for them. I had mentioned them in another thread (OTR AC Stopped Working), and others had asked me to share my thoughts about them. As I first posted about this on IRV2 CC Owners Forum, I updated that thread... Here is a cut and paste, to keep the updates consistent.

Best to all, be safe, have fun,


04 Allure 31017

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From New Mexico to Salt Lake City, via smaller twisty highways coming out of New Mexico and kissing Arizona, until we picked up 191N thru Moab, and jumping over to US6 over to I15 in Provo and on into North SLC. Roughly 700 miles on the new EVO-99's.

Rough stretches, down to 35MPH on some 20-30 mile stretches. Some good winds on US6 as we went thru the mountain passes. And of course many stretches of great road tooSmile!

OK, here is what I think:

Koni EVO-99's are a robust shock

99's provide good control in most situations >99's made know difference that I could detect, in dampening the impact of bad roads on the front end feel in the cab (Darn it!) >In strong shifting winds, the front end did not seem as stable as I was used to with the Road Kings. (Now, put that in perspective, as the Road Kings cost quite a bit more then the 99's. And to be clear, I did not feel control of the coach was at risk. Just felt not as secure, or I supposed what I was used to feeling, with the RK's.)

From my first post, reminder these are the older RK's - so know first hand knowledge on the new RK's. But suspect they improved on the older design.

I would expect that most CC owners - would be pleased with the price point, and performance of the Koni EVO-99's. (If they make them for your model and yearSmile!)

We'll be at Oregon Motor Coach towards the end of this trip. I suspect I'll have them remount the RK's for me.

Best to all,


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