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Hydralift on 2001-2003 Affinity or Magna question

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Hey all,

I'm hoping to get feedback from anybody who has experience with a hydralift installed on a 2001-2003 Magna or Affinity 42' with tag axle.

Contemplating having one installed on my 2002 Affinity to haul a 600lb motorcycle (adventure bike) with TOAD behind it. I would have them do the three point contact beef up for flat towing heavier TOADs on install. Looking at having Cliffs Welding out of AZ do the install.

Any comments on handling of coach, problems, or how you liked the hydralift would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: Hydralift on 2001-2003 Affinity or Magna question

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I have a Hydralift for my Harley trike on my 2006 Magna. That is the best brand out there. I had mine put on at United RV in Ft Worth. I was going to Cliffs if I couldn't get on in TX. My trike weighs 1200 and lift weighs 800. I did pull full size pickup for while, last week traded for Fiat Abarth. I can't even tell it is back there let alone see with my camera all I see is the trike. I didn't see the need to beef up any thing.

Re: Hydralift on 2001-2003 Affinity or Magna question

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Check out my 2003 Allure set up. It is a cheaper one, winch with cable up and down. But works great, It has been to Florida, Pigeon forge tn, Sussex NJ, Blowing Rock NC, a few times. I did 3 years ago. Love it... I have had trailer with collector car, and Halrey.. Next I will sell my saturn todd and hook up this Subaru Baja I just bought. I bought the motorcycle life used in Fort Myers Florida 3 years ago.. Love it,


Re: Hydralift on 2001-2003 Affinity or Magna question [1 Attachment]

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Thanks for the responses!! If anyone has put one a 2001-2003 42' tag, I'd love to hear from you.....

Re: Hydralift on 2001-2003 Affinity or Magna question

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Carry a 98 Honda Valkyrie on my 05 Intrigue, tow a Yukon Denali XL. Set up is excellent. Had it installed at Findlay in Las Vegas.

Steve Wight

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Re: Hydralift on 2001-2003 Affinity or Magna question

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Can't address your own specific installation requirements, but I can tell you that the hydralift is THE way to go. We put one on our '08 Allure 40' tag-axle rig a year ago. Use it to carry our BMW K1600GTL motorcycle, and tow a Fiat 500 Sport Turbo toad. It does both jobs absolutely flawlessly. I can strongly recommend hydralift as a solution to carry + tow requirements. But I'd also say it's good you have a tag, because I'd strongly suspect stability issues putting that much weight above the bumper of a single-axle Coach.

Our install was done in Sequim WA by Eric Davis' staff at Eric's Performance RV. His guy did the FIRST hydralift installation about a decade or more ago, when the inventors brought their prototype to Quartzite, and these guys are genuine experts. Every install is a "custom" job and you can't be certain what's needed until a mechanic who knows the equipment takes a close look at your rig. Ours bolted to the frame very nicely where the old hitch receiver had been. It did require two small slots in the body-work of the lowest rear panel, but they're totally un-noticeable with the lift installed and would be easily patched if we removed it.

Great choice - hope you have many happy miles carrying/towing ALL your toys!

Don Hutchins

'08 Allure 470 #31613