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side light lens

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I broke one of the clear snap on covers on the side lights of my 2006 Allure. I do not know what these lights are called; but, they look like the porch light but smaller.

I have tried to find them on the internet but do not know exactly what to call them. They are not side clearance lights at least that search does not bring them up.

Any ideas what they are called or where to find a new cover?

Dan 2006 Allure 31348

Re: side light lens

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They come in clear and amber and different sizes. I found the right one at OMC.

John Beach

06 Allure 31309

Re: side light lens

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Not sure if CC changed the lights/source but those lights on my 2000 Magna are Peterson Porch/Utility Lights. Check Vehicle Safety Light| LED Lights - Peterson Manufacturing Company. The lights I needed were V384. They were an exact replacement for my lights and came with both an amber and clear lens. They also sell just the lens. I ordered my replacements from foxtail lights. Foxtail shows just the clear lens available for $1.57. PM 384-15C Clear Repl. Lens Rectangular Porch/Utility Replacement Lenses –.... Hope this helps.


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Re: side light lens

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Where are you parked Dan? I'll go pop one out of the other side of your coach, and sell it to you for real cheap (Plus Shipping & Handling, of course.).

It's one of the services you get form your friends on CC Yahoo User Group...


04 Allure 31017 (And not telling you where I'm parked, as that might contribute to a 'delinquency event' on your part...)

Re: side light lens

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On my Affinity the lights are Lumitronics lum-1PO1. These were readily available in the past but are hard to find now. I bought some from eBay recently. They come with both a clear and an amber lens.


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Re: side light lens

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I too had 2 missing porch light lenses. CC had them in stock and shipped to me. I think the total was $14. They are powered by the porch light switch near the inside entrance of the coach is you are not sure.