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VMS240 Silverleaf

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So I've got a question regarding the VMS240 digital display in the dashboard.

We have a tire monitoring system connected.

A) Don't know which system it is. How do i find out which system we have?
B) The tires show what look like green circles with a green X thru them.
C) From all I've read the batteries inside the sensors can die. These sensors (I am guessing) are original build
D) Since some sensors aren't registering any data (temp or PSI)
E) What should we do? Apparently you can buy batteries and rather need to upgrade/update the tire monitoring system.

What say you my friends?

Re: VMS240 Silverleaf

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Dear Mr. or Mrs. X,

You have chosen to remain totally anonymous. Before anyone can effectively help with your questions, it is customary to share your coach make, model, year and serial number With the group so that we may have a point of reference.

Dave Trotter

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Re: VMS240 Silverleaf

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Dean & Tami, if its original equipment, it's probably a Smart Tire system. I would call Silverleaf and ask for Mark. I just spent 1/2 a day with him getting my Pressure Pro system back up and working. He seemed to be knowledgeable about Smart Tire and may be able to help you.


Re: VMS240 Silverleaf

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I don't know if Silverleaf can help you if your batteries are dead. The new owner of Smartire will tell you they don't support your system anymore but Bob Dickman Tires (Les Schwab) in Junction City, OR knows as much as anyone about Smartire and Silverleaf and if you need new sensors they can install them. I had all new sensors installed by them last year. They did most of the installations on CC back in the day.


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Re: VMS240 Silverleaf

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I had that system in my 2006 Magna, threw in the towel... I went with a new Pressure Pro 12 tire system with dipole antenna in drivers seat back pocket, and amp/repeater in BR for toad. It is awesome. Works flawlessly, about $800 I think for everything. I put the control pad in side pocket next to drivers seat. It will alarm if there is a problem, or you can reach down and peruse the air pressures from time to time if you like. No need for it to be in VMS screen.


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Re: VMS240 Silverleaf

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Thanks Greg. That was pretty much the same point I came to yesterday. To take her down to Junction City and possibly leave for a few days, and the cost... why not just add the Pressure Pro (which we had on our 05 Dynasty and never had problems). Sure we lose the tire temperature feature, and the convenience of readouts on the Silverleaf..... But I'd rather put that savings into some other project.