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Chassis battery help

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Drove 300 plus miles today. Shut down coach to check in for the night. Would not restart. No juice. Acts like a dead battery. Boost switch works great. Started coach from house batteries. Chassis battery is only one month old. Is there a breaker in the line somewhere.

Craig Spiess
2007 Inspire

Re: Chassis battery help

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Check chassis battery for loose connection.


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Re: Chassis battery help

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I agree with John. 17 years ago we were driving my Dad's 2000 Magna and we stopped for lunch with the kids and the coach died dead as a stone. Coach has

Jim and Jona Seifert
Jim and Jona Seifert
2007 Intrigue 530

Re: Chassis battery help

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Assume you will check all your battery connections.

Since you could start the engine by using the boost solenoid switch the problem is not your boost solenoid but it may not be getting activated when the engine is running.

One way to check the boost solenoid is to start engine and see if the chassis batteries are getting voltage from the regulator. They probably are not. Then have someone hold the boost switch and check voltage again. If you have alternator voltage at the chassis batteries then the oil pressure switch is probably bad or perhaps not connected.

If you don't see alternator voltage on the chassis batteries with either of the above then suspect your alternator.

The boost switch and the oil pressure switch ground the boost solenoid coil so if you have a bad pressure switch you can run a temporary ground to the boost solenoid coil while you are running the engine.


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 2000 40'  Magna #5892  CAT C-10

Re: Chassis battery help

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Think I may have found the problem. Sitting around outside last night I heard a ticking sound coming from under the front of the coach. It was the step motor drawing current and engaging the tooth gear. Disconnected the line and will charge the chassis battery this morning. Hope this is it.

Craig Spiess
2007 Inspire

Chassis battery help

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Alternator should charge the chassis batteries directly and the interconnect charges the house batteries once chassis up to voltage. When on shore power just the opposite.


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Re: Chassis battery help

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Will post more later. Leaving Cheyenne in the morning fir Rapid City. Have appt with the CAT guys on Wed.