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Allison 4000MH Transmission ECU WT3ECU911A

Yahoo Message Number: 112118
I have a non operational ECU for an Allison 4000MH transmission; before I through it away, I am offering it to anybody that wants one for a core charge replacement - you just pay shipping costs. This ECU was removed from our 2005 CC Magna in August of 2016, and it has been collecting dust on a shelf in my garage. I don't know if its worth anything, or even if there is a core charge when you have a problem or if it could be rebuilt/repaired to be used if yours fails. I was told they fail somewhere around 12 to 15 years.

We sold our 2005 Magna Matisse last April and will be rejoining the motorhome community in about 15 months from now. Boy do we miss our Magna, but other things meant it would have been parked for 18 months to 2 years. We loved the life of traveling in a Country Coach and look forward to owning another.

Email me directly if your interested...

Safe travels,
Mike St. John
Former Owner of 2005 CC Magna Matisse, C13
San Diego
former owner 2005 CC Magna Matisse, C13