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HydraLift For Sale

I have a little-used, 2011 HydraLift for sale.  (Serial number M0901789)  Comes with the Harley/large bike platform.  Was installed on my 2007 Allure 430.
The frame brackets and tube with receiver are not included.  Asking $2,750.  Located in northern Nevada near Lake don't come for it in winter time.  I can text photos.

Re: HydraLift For Sale

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Hi Gary,

I am potentially in the market for a Hydralift but still investigating this as a solution for my situation.  I am hoping you can answer a question or two regarding the Hydralift.

1)  How was your experience with it?
2)  What other parts would I need to order to install this device on my coach?  The coach is a 2002 Allure 40 single rear axle unit.
2)  I am concerned about the load distribution of using this device where adding ~1,500 lbs high and on the back may impact vehicle stability.  In my case I would like to carry two motorcycles that together weigh 1000 lbs.. I'm not sure of the weight of the lift but assume its in the 500 lb. range.  Can you please speak to your specifics and any possible ill effects of placing this amount of weight up high and out back?


Curt & Dana
2002 Allure 40' (2 Slide)
Winchester, TN.

Re: HydraLift For Sale

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Sorry, I just now found your response. 
I never used it as I do not have a motorcycle.
The frame mounts may be different and recommendation for the correct mounting parts would have to come from HydraLift.
I see no issue with lifting 1,000lbs. nor an issue with the total weight "out back".
Gary Wittig


Re: HydraLift For Sale

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I think your weight distribution concerns are valid.  I was looking at installing a Hydra lift on my coach and a friend offered a Cruiser Lift for free so I went to their web page to do the research.  In their Literature I found a work sheet that helps you determine the effect on your RV.  After doing the math I found that I would overload the rear suspension a lot.  It wasn’t the tires or the wheels or the bearings or the axle, it was the air suspension limit that caused the issue.
Ed Recknagle
2000 Magna 36   #5738