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Cargo door strut replacement

I am needing to replace several cargo door struts  Can anyone tell me what length and strength I need for a 2002 Country Coach?
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Re: Cargo door strut replacement

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The old struts should have a number on them. My single strut/door are 120#, but I can't get to them to see a number.

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Re: Cargo door strut replacement

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I've found the best prices online to be RVUpgrades.  Once you get the numbers, go to their website or give the a call.
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Re: Cargo door strut replacement

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Open the door and measure from center of one connector point to the center of the other. You can find replacements on eBay or Amazon. I would not go with less than 120 pounds

Re: Cargo door strut replacement

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If the door has 2 struts, would you make each one 60lbs, or stay with 120lbs for each one?  Thank You

Re: Cargo door strut replacement

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I have a '02 Intrigue and there is only 1 strut per door. The original struts were 100 or 110 pounds but as they wear, they loose strength so that is why I recommend 120 pounds. Take a look at your struts and see what strength they are. I think 2 120 pounders would be a little much. Two 60's would probably be ok



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Steps locked in place retracted.  Won't open, No motor noise, fuse OK. All wiring appears OK.  Step Switch has no effect. Worked perfectly until today.  Any ideas?  Could not find anything searching the forum

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