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Sorry, took me forever to figure out how to post a new thread.  My bad.  Re-posting from a wrong subject line.  Any assistance here on my steps issue most appreciated

Steps locked in place retracted.  Won't open, No motor noise, fuse OK. All wiring appears OK.  Step Switch has no effect. Worked perfectly until today.  Any ideas?  Could not find anything searching the forum

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Re: Steps

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Just fixed a step issue myself.  Prior step issues were fixed by cleaning the ground wire.  This time the fix was replacing the $3 switch by the door that allows the steps to remain out when parked.  The troubleshooting procedures are excellent in the owner's manual (Repair Manual ?).  It helps narrow down or eliminate the possibilities.  If the motor is bad, removing it is simple.  Three nuts and pull it off.  If this is your first time working on your steps, be careful under there.  Disconnect the power to the step motor while you are working to solve the problem.  The steps, if actuated, may be faster than you are getting out of the way.  Good luck in finding the issue.

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Dan Siedschlag
2000 Magna #5788

Re: Steps

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Thank ya Dan, Will give it a try.


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Cleaning both sides of the brass ball switches, on the hinge side of the door and, then lubricating with silicone spray lube may help the issue.

Dale Collier
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Dale Collier
05 Inspire 53477