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2007 CC Allure 430 for sale

2007 CC Allure 430 for sale....40,750 miles. 4 slides. 400HP Cummins.  Allison 6-speed trans. Recent Toyos, recent windshield, recent Konis, new pass-through charge controller/inverter, new batteries, new surge protector, wet PTO kit already installed, new stitched awning. No paint fade. Babied. Can include Hydralift (with motorcycle platen) that is not installed at this time.
$500K+ MSRP back in 2007
REDUCED - Asking $148K
Located in Gold Canyon, AZ
Can provide photos upon request.
Gary Wittig

Re: 2007 CC Allure 430 for sale

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Hi:  Why is the length of you coach?  Looking for a 40 ft CC.  Pics?  Al or Copper/steel radiator?
Pics to
Thx, Bob