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Winterizing / Hydro-Hot

Hi all:

For the first time ever,  I winterized our 2007 530 Intrigue.   Due to the global pandemic we left FL 2 months early and headed to Northern MN where it is still winter and will be for another 8 weeks.

I winterized the coach by blowing out all of the Hot and Cold lines, Lav, Fridge/Ice Maker, Shower, Wet Wall, Wet Wall Sprayer and the flush lines for the Black and Gray tanks, and then pumped in RV Antifreeze into the system until we had antifreeze coming out of every tap.  I put anti-freeze in each P-Trap.   In total, about 8-9 gallons of RV Antifreeze.

Fresh Water Tank was well drained, but I did not add antifreeze directly to the tank.

Black and Gray Tanks are aggressively drained, but I did not add anti-freeze to those tanks either, other than what was passed through in the process of filling the lines and lav lines.

I currently am still running the hydro-hot gas - set at 45 inside.

Two questions: 
1.) I'm thinking of shutting the thermostat in the "house" off but leaving the hydro-hot on, to continue to heat the bay.   I'm also connected to 30amp, so could I just leave the electric element on?  Would this be enough to keep the bay warm?
2.) will having RV Antifreeze in the lines going through the Hydro Hot heat exchanger instead of water be a problem with the Hydro-hot running either via element or Diesel?

Average overnight temps here are still in the 0-10 deg. F. range and will be for maybe another 3-4 weeks.

Jim and Jona Seifert
2007 Intrigue 530


Re: Winterizing / Hydro-Hot

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From San Diego area, so understand my experience with 'cold' is when it dips below 50F:)!

If you have 30A available, look into some stands alone electric heaters. Here is one thread that covers what some have done:

Interior Heater Instead of Winterizing - iRV2 Forums

Best to you, and all,
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Re: Winterizing / Hydro-Hot

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You have thoroughly covered off the winterization process.  I do not see any reference to winterizing a washer if you have one (I would assume you would).  Depending on the model there are specific instructions.  The water inlet solenoids inside the washer are water balanced and do need to cycle both hot and cold solenoids.

The Aquahot can be heated with plumbing antifreeze in the domestic loop.  The electric element in my 450D is 1650W and can heat the wet bay above 32F when it is 0-10F ambient.   I have installed a remote temp transmitter in the wet bay to confirm.

As Smitty mentioned a electric heater inside the coach is good too, since you have access to 30A.  Are you able to check on coach daily?

2007 Country Coach Allure 37 Sunset Bay 400ISL

Re: Winterizing / Hydro-Hot

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Thanks for the advice.   We do not have a W/D.   THe coach didn't come with one and we've found that we don't want to trade the storage space for a W/D.   Currently the coach is parked outside.   Day temps are in the 20's to 40's and night temps are teens to 30's.   We are plugged into 30A service and I have the house hydro-hot set to 45 degrees.   Its never been less than 50 when I've been in the coach.   I check it daily.   Putting in auxiliary electric heaters seems like it might be more expensive than just running the Hydro-Hot - especially now that fuel prices are low and falling.  This process seems to work really well. 
Jim and Jona Seifert
2007 Intrigue 530