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Eclipse Awning

We just bought a 2005 CC Allure 470 and the awning will not open above the door. Can someone clue us in? Also on another issue, one of our batteries (this is supposed to be a solar rig), gets super hot and shuts down the other batteries. We plan on replacing the battery but am curious if this is a known problem?


Re: Eclipse Awning

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I have a 2006 CC Intrigue, and the awning above the door is manually opened with a hand crank tool. It does not have an electric motor for the door awning.

Re: Eclipse Awning

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I have a 2006 Inspire with that awning. Carefree had problems with awnings from that time period. The motor cover would fill with water and short the motor out . Mine was replaced under warranty years ago and has been ok since. I think the fix was to put a drain hole in the bottom of the cover to allow the water to drain. This may be a place to check. Good luck. Gary