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King Controls KC-2600 Electronic Throttle System

I have a very beautiful 1998 Country Coach Allure Rogue #30178 sitting under cover.  The coach is the last year of the c8.3 325 mechanical engine matched with an Allison MD 3060 transmission.  It idles great but it is not road worthy since the KC-2600 is failing.  Lets shorten an already long story.  When I discussed with Steve Boller at King Controls to inquire about a rebuild, he directed me to his website where he states that he has gone out of business.  On the website Steve has shared general information about converting to either an air throttle or a mechanical cable and not to forget the Allison TPS.  This is way above my pay grade.  When I shared this information with a number of RV and truck service vendors in the DFW metroplex, I was told that unless it came plug-n-play with part numbers and sources, they were not going to touch this beautiful 22yo coach ... even though they could really utilize the business. 

Yep, I am just a tad frustrated.  Its not that I don't have the money to spend to fix it so that we can enjoy it, it is that I have not yet been able to find anyone who will fix it.   This was to be our retirement travel the country coach rather than take on alot of debt.  I think that the coach runs okay to get it out of its parking place and then off the property to the road, but it probably is going to have to be placed on a flatbed to haul out of the homestead IF I can find somebody to fix it!  Of course, I could just stretch ~= 40' of cord from under the bed to the driver's cock-pit.  I've read that works okay.  :)

Has anybody else had to deal with this problem?  Is there a remedy?


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Re: King Controls KC-2600 Electronic Throttle System

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One of my previous coach was a Foretravel with King Control system on it.  I had to send it to king for a rebuild, sorry he has retired.

Air Throttle

The above link say they have a kit for a detroit but you might call and see if they have knowledge for the 8.3 cummins.

The Foretravel forum has a lot of info regarding the King Control.  You might try to research on it.

Foretravel Owner's Forum

Good Luck and Stay Safe.
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Re: King Controls KC-2600 Electronic Throttle System

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I have been asked by a fellow-owner Tim with CC Allure #30179 to forward the link where Steve Boller shares solutions on how to replace the KC 2600 with either a cable or air throttle.  Please reference:         Semi Truck, Bus, RV, Service Vehicle Cruise Control Installation 

Two weeks ago I removed the KC 2600 electronic throttle control from my coach and shipped it to a mechanic in Junction City, Oregon.  This gentleman has access to build sheets from Country Coach and is going to take a look and see if he can get the throttle control working properly again. 

If not it would sure be nice if someone had the mechanical wherewithal to figure out specifically what needs to be ordered and installed in order to get this motor home moving again.  As stated before, I am at best a shade tree mechanic (but learning fast) and am presently hung up on what Allison tps to utilize IF we are unable to get this control box repaired.  I know that there is someone who has the necessary mechanical knowledge in order to get this coach running like a top.  It is the last year mechanical Cummins 8.3 engine and all the mechanics with whom I have visited are trained on electronic engines.     


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1998 Country Coach Allure Rogue #30178 w/ 2011 Jeep Wrangler Oscar Mike - toad


Re: King Controls KC-2600 Electronic Throttle System

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Update ... Last Friday I rigged a pulley system utilizing a paracord line from the fuel pump to the driver's cockpit so that I could get the motor home moved out from it's covered parking on our property and up to the road.  That afternoon it was picked up by a large wrecker and towed to the Southwest International dealer in Dallas, TX.  Plan is to install an air throttle complemented by TPS and Cruise Control.    If we are successful I will share the name and contact information of the person responsible and who accomplished the task.  I was told by Steve Boller , Cruise King, that the KC 2600 Electronic Throttle Control was installed in approximately 6,000 motor homes manufactured by Country Coach, Foretravel and Monaco prior to 1999.  I know that there are others out there with the same problem or who are driving on borrowed time.    Happy Father's Day! 
1998 Country Coach Allure Rogue #30178 w/ 2011 Jeep Wrangler Oscar Mike - toad

Re: King Controls KC-2600 Electronic Throttle System

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Sorry to hear of your KC2600 issue - and you are not alone. Ours acted up last trip over the Cascades, my wife was a bit worried. Plan was to send the actuator to  King Controls only to find out they are out of business. Based on parts and notes we found in the binders, it has been troublesome in the past.
Will be working on a solution this week - leaning toward a Teleflex / Morse cable and a mechanical throttle pedal, along with provisions for controlling the TPS for the Allison.  Will share what we figure out.
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