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ISC330 oil pressure sender failure

Hi Folks,
There are 3 oil pressure senders on my 2000 Allure 30593 - 15 psi switch for engine start, 100 psi dedicated to the analog gauge and one dedicated to the ECM. The latter failed with intermittent output. This caused red & yellow dash lights and engine shutdown.
After an hour of diagnostics, the fix was rather easy. The female connector to the sensor was disconnected.  Three 1000 ohm 1/8 watt resistors were twisted together on one end and the other 3 ends were inserted into the 3 female pin holes. The cable was secured to an adjacent cable with a tie rap. The Silverleaf displayed a constant 48 psi which made the ECM happy. 50 psi will cause the ECM to light the yellow dash indicator with a 114 fail code.  I might make this a permanent fix as the analog gauge provides a second monitor for actual oil pressure. Cummins wants $229.50 fro a new one.
Fred Kovol
2000 Allure 30593
ISC 350

Re: ISC330 oil pressure sender failure

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Fred, long time no hear, how you been?
Isn't the 15psi one that brings the alternator on line or the a/c, I don't remember. The sensor that feeds the gauge can fail and that will also shut the motor down. Had that happen to me. The fix was the Cummins on/off pressure switch that activates at 10 pounds That is the one that failed on me causing a tow. I now have a constant 55 pounds

Back in the day, Cummins had a batch of bad pressure switches and they could fail at any time being 500 miles or 5 thousand. In my case it was about 40,000. The fix was the pressure/no pressure.