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1996 Country Coach electrical issue

Just purchased a 1996 Country Coach. Runs great and the A/C is cold. Everything works as it should except for a couple things. When on generator none of the domestic outlets have power. Galley inverter switch is on. Switch on the inverter itself is off. When I turn off the generator the domestic outlets and TVs work on battery. Crank the generator back up and it all shuts off.
Problem number 2. The speedometer doesn’t work. All the other gauges work. I’m thinking a fuse may be blown causing the speedo issue, however I cannot locate the fuse panel.
Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Re: 1996 Country Coach electrical issue

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First, make sure both breakers going to the inverter/charger have not tripped.  Turn both off and back on.

Second, do you have 2 circuit breakers on the generator.  If so, make sure one hasn't tripped.  Turn both off and back on.

If no joy in Mudville at the point then we need a bit more information.

How do the circuits behave when on shore power?

Do both house a/c's work when on generator and when on shore power?   Or, does just one work?

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Re: 1996 Country Coach electrical issue

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On shore power everything works as it should. Both A/Cs and all domestic circuits. Already checked and reset all breakers. None were tripped or off. Weird thing happened yesterday though. We were cleaning inside the RV and out of nowhere the domestic circuits started working. Left the RV to take a trip to Walmart to get some more supplies. I turned off everything including the generator as we were going to be gone for a few hours. Came back and started the generator again and then the A/C units. Ran it for a couple more hours and the domestic circuits never came back on again. I'm thinking the transfer switch is out or going out maybe.


Re: 1996 Country Coach electrical issue

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If both a/c's ran under generator when you came back then the problem is not your main transfer switch. but could be the inverter's transfer switch.

Could be a faulty connection at one of the outlets.  The outlets are daisy chained together and an intermittent connection could cause this problem. 

You probably have a secondary breaker box after the inverter.  At least I do and it has two breakers; one for the outlets and one for the microwave. I have a 2000 Magna and the secondary breaker box is in the first passenger side storage bay mounted on the forward wall up near the ceiling.  When looking for faulty connections check that box also.  And, I guess it wouldn't hurt to check the connections at the inverter although if your inverter is installed like mine this would be a real pain.

When checking the outlets be sure the inverter is turned off and there is no other power, generator or shore, connected.
 2000 40'  Magna #5892  CAT C-10