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Generator Issues

Hello All,
We had an interesting happening with our QD 8000 a couple of days ago about which I would welcome opinions. Approaching  our planned fuel stop, we ran low enough on fuel that the generator stopped. After filling up, I did the prime routine, but I couldn’t get the generator to restart. We had about 30 miles to our destination so we got here, got set up and enjoyed family. Yesterday, will the help of my son, we did a little diagnosing. The first tine I noticed was that the fuel pump had a much different sound, as though is wasn’t pumping fuel. We disconnected the output line on the filter, ran the pump and had fuel. Good!  We then reconnected the line, ran the pump and it sounded normal, push the start switch, and with only a little hesitation and stuttering, the generator ran normally. Tested with both A/C’s on and everything was normal. All good news, but the underlying cause is still a mystery. There is about 10 hours on the generator since service, including fuel filter change, and nearly 1700 hrs total. Of the part of the fuel line I can see, I detect no evidence of leaking.

Opinions welcomed,
Don Krahling
‘01 Intrigue #11238
Yuma, AZ  currently in Mancos, CO