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Glass Inserts needed

I own a 2008 Affinity. I am looking for the glass inserts for the ceiling lights in my coach. Each fixture has a silver metal surround and then the glass pice clips into 3 small plastic clips on the fixture. very poor design and going down the road the metal band rattles loose and there goes both it and the piece of glass supposedly clipped up behind it. Sometimes I am lucky and nothing breaks be recently while parked one fixture came down and the glass shattered on my coach floor. Now I am 1 short. If anyone knows where I might get such a piece of frosted glass I will be very appreciative.


Re: Glass Inserts needed

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I'd contact Kevin Waite, he often has a large assortment of parts for our CC's. My coach doesn't have the same light fixtures as yours, but he did have what I needed to repair one of mine.

Longer term, maybe there are some better fixtures that could easily replace all of yours? Kevin might know...

Kevin Waite
03 Allure 36 - 30897