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Aux compressor will not raise rear.

This is my first post, and I have searched for this everywhere, but have not found anything similar. I have a 2001 Affinity 42 with tag #6012. It has an HWH 500 air leveling system with no jacks. Travel mode is working fine. We just bought it, and I do not know if this was ever working or not.

The rear will not rise when manually pushing the up arrow for rear and the aux compressor is needed (ignition off). If there is sufficient system pressure as to not call for the compressor, and ignition is on (engine on or off) rear does rise (I assume from the air tanks). I have checked the voltage out of the HWH controller, voltage at the Packard solenoid connectors for both sides and both rear and tag axles. I also checked ground from the connector side, and curiously, both front and rear are showing 15 ohms to ground on all connectors. Also, all rear rise solenoids measure good (15 ohms) , and generate magnetic field when energized. Since it works fine with key on and system pressure, I do not believe the issue is in the 6 pack solenoids. I do not believe any air is reaching the back of the coach.

Here's the mystery: if the aux compressor pressure on the gauge in bay under drivers seat is say about 50psi, and I raise the rear with ignition off, the aux compressor comes on, builds up to 120psi in about 5 seconds, and shuts off. No air gets to the rear. If I then raise the front, the compressor comes on, the pressure gauge drops back to 50psi and builds pressure slowly as the front rises. All four rear raise solenoids appear to work during this test. There is no air going into the rear 6 pack during the rear raise action.

So, why would the pressure from the aux compressor not reach the rear solenoids? Since the pressure goes to 120, then drops back to 50 when raising the front, might there be an air valve somewhere that is closing when rear rise is attempted?
Thanks for any help.
2001 Affinity #6012