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Cargo bay door latches

2005 Allure 470 Sunset Bay 37' Quad Slide #31161
Finished a project replacing a couple of cargo bay door latches. I'm not sure how many other folks have had cargo door latches fail, but   I thought I would post a trick I used in hopes it might help someone else.  I read several posts of folks trying to install the clip that holds the connecting rod from the door latch to the back of the handle mechanism.  One of the attached pics shows the back plate of the handle mechanism removed and shows the connecting rod facing inwards.  There is very very little room to get the holding clip installed on the rod - impossible to get your fingers in that space.  So the pictures show a DIY tool I made to install these clips.  I used a 3" angle bracket (from Home Depot) and drilled out the end hole to 3/8" so the spring clip would fit down in the hole (see pic).  Then I cut and ground away the end of the bracket to make a "C" shaped holder for the clip (see pic).  Then I used blue tape to hold the clip in place while I inserted on the back side of the hole where the connecting rod fit in.  Holding the DIY tool in place with the clip, and then inserting the connecting rod I could force the clip down onto the rod and in place.  It was amazing how well it worked.  I really don't know how you could possibly install these clips without a tool like this.  Maybe there are some Ninja fingers out there, lol.  I did a search of several forums for insight on how to install these clips but could not find any.  I hope this helps someone install these clips without breaking the plastic arms where the connecting rods insert into.