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PowerTech CD7000 generator on 1998 CC Allure

Recently the external fuel pump failed on my Powertech CD7000.  The engine powering the generator is a Kubota D905 3 cylinder.  I replaced the fuel pump but still could not get it restarted.  I took the coach to CK Power in Mansfield (Dallas) Texas.  They diagnosed the problem as a failed kill switch but also noted that the fuel lines were dry rotted and that the pump was also sucking air.  There were three options to replacing the generator fuel lines; remove the generator on the left side of the coach, remove the lp tank on the right side of the coach or drop the FULL fuel tank.  Since they were willing (and able) to remove the generator, I opted for that solution.  Plus, with the generator out of the coach they were able to do a full service and preventative maintenance, including replacing all "soft" components.    Long story short, it took a fair amount of labor getting the unit in/out of the coach and servicing, but they did an excellent job of getting the generator running again. 

We were going to purchase a new Super C in 2019 but we did not want to take on debt and depreciation nor liquidate investments.  We also thought about purchasing a Crown Coach school bus from a gentleman in San Bernardino, CA, but were concerned about the amount of time that it would take to convert into a motor home.  We took the middle route and purchased a nice Country Coach Allure Rogue with the "Pay as You Go" mentality.  We've already had a full service performed on the drive train and converted from an electronic throttle to a pneumatic throttle.  Audiovisual has been replaced in the cabin and cabinetry has been modified.  Various plumbing have been upgraded.  Some of the work I have outsourced and some of it I have been performing myself.  I hope to get 5 to 10 years of use out of the bus and then pass it on to someone else.  Ten years from now I will be 80 and probably will have no business piloting a big vehicle over the road.  I'd rather give up the keys as opposed to the kids having to take them away from me.  LOL
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Re: PowerTech CD7000 generator on 1998 CC Allure

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Thank you for posting this information.  I too have a 1998 Allure that I purchased in 2000. I’ll file this info in case I ever have this happen to my generator. 
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Re: PowerTech CD7000 generator on 1998 CC Allure

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I too had my PT 7000 decide to spawn a "start but shut down a few minutes later" problem.

There is an external fuel pump at the left side of the engine block that I changed.  Costs about $50 from Ebay and $100 from PowerTech.  It was an easy change since my generator is on a nose roller tray.

Actually, I think the pump was ok and the fuel line was leaking when I redid the connections and everything worked.  Whatever.  The pump was 26 years old with 900 hours run time.
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