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Hydro hot Temps

I have a 2006 CC Magna which has a hydro hot (think model 200 as I have 2 zones plus engine pre-heat) unit in it. The unit seems to function correctly (both electric and diesel) but the water is just luke warm coming out of it no matter which source of heat, electric or diesel, I use to power it. By luke warm, I mean just barely warmer that skin temp so that showers are tolerable but not great and wife complains she doesn’t feel safe that dishes are clean since the warm isn’t really hot for rinsing.
Anyone experience this and be able to let me know what I need to check?

2006 CC Magna, #6593


Re: Hydro hot Temps

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Evening Rob. I'll just tell what all I have been through with my hydro-hot. Same problem. (2004 CC Intrigue ) Maybe a little worse as I can't even maintain lukewarm for more than a couple minutes in shower and then it's just downright COLD. Searched the forums and started with first thing I found. Mixing valve. It was a little nerve racking replacing as it's very easy to bend the boiler tube and it's downright expensive if you crack it. Definitely a tight fit getting it out. Replaced with new and same problem. Next cleaned out tubes themselves. Rigged up a 12v pump with water lines disconnected and flushed for about an hour with CLR and then a vinegar mixture and then flushed for 30 minutes with fresh water.  I definitely will say I got quite a bit of "stuff" out of tubes. change. Next pulled the burner assembly. Disassembled and cleaned all the soot and carbon off. (Not really all that dirty ) and replaced fuel nozzle. Replaced fuel filters and guess what? You got it......NO CHANGE.....Next up was flushing the coolant systems and refilling with new 50/50 mixture.....just pretty much gave up after that....My furnace zones work great. Engine heater works great....Bays stay nice and toasty warm.... Hot!!!!....The kitchen sink will give you enough to wash dishes but you will run out. Shower? Forget it. I'm really frustrated with the whole hydro-hot thing all together. Bout ready to just ditch it and go back to a regular good ole fashioned rv water heater. At least back then with the TT 6 gallon heater we could take a shower. I'm curious as to any additional input anyone may share with you. Best of luck to ya.
AJ Tucker
2004 CC Intrigue Suite Serenade
Build # 11807