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12v elect problems on my 2005 Allure coach

2005 CC Allure and I have lost all 12 volt power in the house.
Was removing the light on the inside step and all of a sudden the step went out. It was turned off. At the same time the bulb went out. I checked and I have no lights in the coach and the A/H fans have quit also. It can't be an individual fuse because so many things are off. I am plugged into 120v shore power. I've looked through the manual and the fuse boxes and managed too confuse myself. Everything was working fine before this. Don't know where else to look...
Any ideas??


Re: 12v elect problems on my 2005 Allure coach

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I would first check the Salesman's Switch, the disconnect switch right inside the door.   Your 12V system has a series of breakers and huge 60 amp fuses that are located near your house batteries.   Start by trying to reset your large 12V breakers and checking your 60amp fuses.  Not sure about your Allure, but on my 2007 Intrigue, they are located in the same compartment as my house batteries and the inverter.   Since you have NO 12V power, my guess is that the problem is a fuse or breaker located near the batteries, before other circuits branch off.    But first,  check to see that your Salesman Switch / or if you have a battery disconnect switch installed (sometimes done aftermarket) by the batteries that has turned off.
Jim and Jona Seifert
2007 Intrigue 530