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replacing house batteries

I just ordered 4 new AGL_8DL house batteries.  I've never changed them on my own and if anyone has any advice to shorten the learning curve, or what to avoid-look out for, I would appreciate the help.  2007 Intrigue.  Thanks

Re: replacing house batteries

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I haven't replaced my house batteries yet, but have replaced banks of batteries on my boat.   Here's my advice.   1.) take LOTS and LOTS of pictures if you are new to this.   Take photos BEFORE you start anything.   Refer to the photos.   Draw yourself a picture of how you are going to reconnect the batteries if you are a visual learner (like me).  Having a good plan beforehand really helps.

The most important part of replacing 12v batteries is to not allow yourself or your tools to short (touch positive to negative).   12 volts DC current can KILL.   DC current is more dangerous than AC.   Make sure you use insulated tools,  work in a dry space and wear rubber soled shoes.

Work slowly.  Taking photos as you go.   Get your tools ready before you start.   Have a shop/vac, wire brush and clean the compartment and connections once you have the batteries removed.   Use a dielectric grease on the battery connections and tighten the connections securely, but do not overtighten and break the connection.  Finger tight and then an 1/8th of a turn more, that's it.

I'm sure there are others on the board who can also give you even better advice than this.
Jim and Jona Seifert
2007 Intrigue 530

Re: replacing house batteries

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Thanks Jim, I'll surely take your advice to heart.


Re: replacing house batteries

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Urgent ... always disconnect the negative terminal first and then positive.  Reconnect in reverse order.
Steve Bufty
2002 Intrigue #11382