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Headlight replacement

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HI guys.

I have my first headlight out on my new to me 2004 cc intrigue ovation. I found replacement's on ebay, but am open to suggestions if there are better ideas. I'm not sure if there is an aftermarket better solution where the lights are brighter. Mind you, I'm not looking to blind oncoming traffic, but perhaps some newer technology that I'm not aware of. Any thoughts? Below is the link to the eBay lights.


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Re: Headlight replacement

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You might want to check in with Daniel Stern Lighting - many RV'er's (Including CC owners.) have gone with his tech support and products - with good results:)!

Best of luck to you, and please let us know what you end up doing:)!


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(My lights are as bright as I am at times.....)

Re: Headlight replacement

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Smitty, thanks for the tip. I will call him and let you know how it went. I also feel a little foolish... I used to change headlights on my cars when I was 17. Now, 32 years later, feeling a little unqualified!!.

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Re: Headlight replacement

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Smitty when we were teens it was a big deal to upgrade to halogen and most of those were complete light assemblies not much thought just dollars.

Re: Headlight replacement

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I hear you Dave... I worked hard to go out and have some fun. (Well, my DW and I worked hard...)

So I really believe in paying it forward, literally, and writing a check (Or is that spreading bitcoins around in today's jargon...).

I do enjoy many parts of maintaining out coach. And have upgraded a few items myself. But most of the time, I put on my combo 'Designer and Helping The Economy' hat - and make a game out of finding competent shops and Tech's to work with...

Going down memory lane here. I remember working as a Boy Scout councilor in the local mountains of San Diego County (Mataquay). We had a 1950 GMC, that at 17 years of age was a blast to drive around the campground. Battery went out, and they sent a fellow councilor into buy a replacement. He came back with a 12V, for a 6V application... Being teenagers, and not wanting to wait for another battery - we thought 'Well, it's the weekend, we have 1 1/2 days before the next group of Scouts come in - we'll just convert this truck over to 12V!!! Dang if we did not 'appropriate' a 12V starter off of a but newer truck, and a few other odd's and ends (This trick had the front corner caved in, and had not moved in a few years.). We even got the most important thing transferred, the 12V AM radio!!!! Boy were we smart - NOT! We jumped into the truck, three of us in the bench seat. And drove into the big Downtown area nearby (Two blinks of the eye's, and you were thru the town!) for dinner. We jumped back into the truck, started it back up, and as we were pulling out of the parking lot, turned on the headlights... They did remain on for a good two minutes, before suddenly we're running down the roadway in the dark... Being Prepared (Sorry, had to say it. A Boy Scout thing.), we had the flashlight from the glove compartment out in no time... Drove the 20 or so miles shining that flashlight down the road... Young, nothing could stop us, and again - WE KNEW EVERYTHING!!!

Fond memories, and glad I'm alive to tell the story...

Best to all,


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Re: Headlight replacement

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That story is great. I like your philosophy about spreading the wealth around. Personally, I feel the exact same way. Being in the business world, with a growing operation, I quickly realized how little I did know about Truly FIXING things right. There are people who are extremely talented and can fix anything under the sun… I am better with a pencil or keyboard, but thankfully have a general understanding of things.. Mostly because of all the mistakes I've made along the way.
Thanks again for the story, and it's nice to know that I wasn't the only teenager who KNEW EVERYTHING!!


P.S I can also relate about having a DW who works hard. I truly feel I've found the best DW in the world.