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OTR AC question

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Having to replace high side hose was incouraged to replace drier and expansion valve know where drier is think I found one expansion valve under bed can not find one on the front blower unit. Is there only one valve or am I not looking in the right place for the front one thought it would be close to where lines enter cooling assembly?

Tommy Townsend
2006 CC magna

Re: OTR AC question

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2006 CC Magna has dash air - never had OTR air offered to buyers.

5851 w/ dash air and roof air

Re: OTR AC question

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On my old rig, the bedroom OTR ac has a drier and expansion valve in the center cabinet above the bed.

The front drier is mounted passenger side of the engine with the expansion valve behind the dash.

Re: OTR AC question

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If you look at the maga owners manual the dash air is referred to as OTR I don't know what it stands for but that is how the manual labels it. It may be because the 45 ft magna has two evaporators one under the bed and like most coaches the front unit they work in unison if the front unit is on and you turn the bed unit on the bed unit will not run by its self. Maybe OTR stands for over the rear.

Tommy Townsend
2006 magna

Re: OTR AC question

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That's why so many are confused because some moron at the factory didn't know what he was writing about.
Dash air....located at the dash, small compressor in engine room Cruise air...3 or 4 air discharges inside bus. 2 units behind front bumper another 1 or 2 in storage bay or inside interior.
Roof Air...most RV's 1 to 3 units many Prevost 4 roof units , entertainer buses 5 roof units OTR ..Over the road air huge compressor in engine bay, evaporator and condenser in storage bay. Duck work runs on window ledge both sides of buses. Many Prevost conversions, many if not all passenger buses. Uniform air and known get so cold inside bus on a hot day could hang meat.