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Exterior paint rehab

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We are trying to decide if we want to keep and rehab our 36 ft 1993 Magna or tidy up and sell. Love it but could use more room. Would shop for another CC!

The clear coat is pealing. If we keep the coach, I want to invest the money in correcting this. Any suggestions on body shops or suggestions on a fix? Would like to keep things as close to VA as possible.

Marie and Eddie
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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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There is an outstanding exterior paint company in Morgantown, KY.

The company is "Final Finish"..

If you are interested.....perhaps a 6 hour drive for Roger McKinney.

You are certain to be very pleased with their work and fair pricing!....

D Jean

Re: Exterior paint rehab

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I have a quote from Straight Line Auto Body in Springfield, OR. They are the ones that a lot of coach repair go to for body and paint work. I received a quote to fix the peeling clear coat which includes removing everything off the coach, sanding all the clear off, painting the coach the original color scheme and applying two coats of clear. All for a mere $29,000


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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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Don In early 2016 we had our coach redone at CC in OR using the same process as was used to paint it when new. I can tell you from our own experience the cost was much less than that.
You should shop the job around 29k seems a little high. Especially with only 2 coats of clear. CC usually applies 4 to 6 coats. I believe CC uses Sikkens paint systems.

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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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A couple of years ago the clear coat on my '94 Magna began peeling. It has peeled off the white surfaces, but not the green paint.
About 1/2 of the white surfaces have peeled and I have no doubt it will all peel eventually. Based on some reading I did when it started I purchased a gallon of ZEP High Gloss Floor Wax and applied it to an area where it had peeled. It took four coats to get it where it looked good. I didn't think it necessary to buff it. It has now been nearly two years and that area still looks good. I plan to do some more areas when it cools off later in the summer and will probably also apply some to the roof to end the oxidation and thus the white streaks on the sides. It looks OK as far as I'm concerned and is a heck of a lot less expensive than getting it repainted/clear coated. I've done most of it myself so far but may hire a neighbor kid or two and show them how to do it.
Good luck!

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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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What did you do to prep it before you applies the wax? Also what did you use to apply the wax?


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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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Hey Doug,

Like Mike, I am also curious about surface prep. Did you rub-out first? I want to try this but, I don't want to mess it up.
Daron Hairabedian 98 Allure 30226

Re: Exterior paint rehab

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On my 2000 CC Allure, the clear coat started really coming off shortly after I bought it 1.5 yrs ago. As time goes on, more peels off, and a power washer really helps that along. It only peels off the direct fiberglass, not off the graphics which I assume are decals.

I met someone with a 1999 Magna, and they have a full color coat of paint over the fiberglass (original) and it still looked almost new with zero peeling. My theory is that with no color coat, the sun goes through the clear coat, and damages the fiberglass surface making it powdery, and so eventually the clear just comes off. So, it seems pointless to re-clear coat the coach. I'd like to color coat paint the fiberglass to eliminate sun damage to the fiberglass and so the peeling.

But, until that day, currently I've been using Meguiar's 67 one step compound and a 6" electric buffer, and my fiberglass ends up looking new and glossy. I've also bought the more expensive 3M Marine Restorer & Wax, and that does a similar job (maybe not as good), but at 4x the price per oz, no reason to use that one.

So, I'm not sure how often I would need to wax (none so far) to maintain the fiberglass direct shine, but this seemed like the best solution until all the clear has peeled, and I can have the whole thing painted with color, taping off the graphics.


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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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Wes, I have quote for painting my coach because of the clear paint peeling of $29,000!. It ain't going to happen.


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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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Hey Don. Where are you located? I have a 2000 allure with same thing happening. I have gotten two quotes to have entire coach painted with full paint and original graphics. One was from I think around 15,000.00? Then I received another quote from a local airplane shop that paints aircraft, he is a friend of a friend, He quoted 12,500.00 for the entire repaint and original graphics also. I would like to get it done but still saving some cash. In oher words shop around online and read this forum and others too. That's how I found mikes.


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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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I've been peeling the clear coat off with a single edge razor blade, in a holder. It's coming off in strips. So far I've been at it for about 6 hours and have 80% of it removed. I'm getting clean edges where the clear, direct to fiberglass meets the dark pigmented coatings. The UV from the sun has slowly over time penetrated the clear and caused the polyester fiberglass resin to chalk causing adhesion failure. You might be able to save yourself a RV load of money by removing the clear yourself? I see no need to do any sanding to remove clear. Tools: several single edge razor blades, good razor holder, ladder and vacuums to suck up all the junk.
Steve Burdick
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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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Joe, the quote I received was from Straightline Auto in Springfield, OR. The quote did include the repair of "paint checking" . For this they said they would have to grind out the checking, fill the area with some stuff and then paint. I have investigated the checking part and am beginning to believe the checking repair business is a cash cow. I have maybe one check mark every 6 to 10 inches and only in the darkest stripe.

Where are the guys you got bids from?


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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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Hi Doug!

I am taking a break from my inverter/solar project, and ran across your post here. My coach is peeling too. I also have checking going on, so I haven't decided on what exactly I will do with mine yet. Except blow clear coat all over the yard every time I hose the ol girl off... Good thing it's windy around here!!

I noticed our coaches are only two apart. We're almost related!! Lol! How long have you had your coach? Had any major malfunctions with it that I might want to be on the look out for? This coach has under 93,000 miles and 350 hrs on the 10kw PowerTech gen-set. Only put about 2500 miles on it since I bought it in early 2014.
Bought for a place to stay in as I cared for my mother after dad passed away. Their place in the Yuma foothills only had 1 bedroom, but it had 2 full 50a RV hookups, and a couch just didn't cut it... Now she too has passed on, and I'm starting to make the coach ready to do some traveling.

Just wanted to say Hi!, and introduce myself...

Have a great evening!


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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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Straightline provided us with I feel a very competent, and reasonable for the amount of work, quote on our coach too. Including both Micro Checking work as mentioned (Dark paints only.) - along with changing to lighter colors paints on those areas. (From Dark Maroon to a complementing tan or darker beige color.).

Sure, not inexpensive - but, I felt it was a fair quote for the work involved (And somehow over the year, our 04 Coach had picked up a few 'bumps & bruises' - that were to be corrected body wise, and touch up paint wise, at the same time...

Due to a family medical problem - we did not get to return and leave the coach for this work... Now almost three years ago... But, when things do settle down on the family front as far as financial assistance support - I'll be back for a follow-up quote with Straightline.

Can it be done for less elsewhere? Sure, but will it be as good of quality, and with a company that is (Some pun intended:)!) as 'straight - forward' with their approach to a customer - can't say.

Best to all,


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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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We have a 2000 Intrigue that was also peeling we took the advice of the group and bought Zep Wet look Floor Polish at Lowe's  The process we did was:  I scraped all loose clear coat off then I lightly sanded with #4 sandpaper then with a fine sponge apply Zep one coat every hr  I applied over 4 coats but 4 coats looks great. Everyone says it looks like it's new  It also feels very smooth too The cost was approx $26.00  a gal. I used a cup of it and took about 5 hrs to apply all  I applied Zep to drivers side now I am starting other spots  It blends in great with old.

Bob 2000 Intrigue

Re: Exterior paint rehab

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For what it's worth, I emailed CC a few years ago when they were still in business and the clear coat on our 1995 Intrigue started peeling. It was a problem they 'owned up to' without hesitation. Seems that they were told by the auto paint industry in the early 1990s that clear coat would stick to gelcoat, the outermost surface on the fiberglass when it comes out of a mold. So, on most of their coaches in that era, all the white areas are just clear coat, applied straight over the gelcoat. When the problem of peeling clear coat finally reared it's ugly head, they started giving their coaches full body paint jobs -- this would have been in 2003 or 2004.

So far, we've not fixed our peeling problem, but the small area we started with has grown and we'll have to do something soon.

Bill Davis

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Re: Exterior paint rehab

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Good, Bob, my results exactly. A bit of time and work but the price is definitely right, and after two years it still looks good, but I plan to recoat in early fall to bring it back up to full luster.
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