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Bizarre electrical load problem

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Suddenly, a few months ago when plugged into 50 amp Shore power a load balance problem developed: if the current loads are not balanced per the readouts on my AC feeder panel, the voltages go crazy where one leg will drop below 106 volts, and the other will get up to 124. On generator power this does not occur: the voltages on each leg stay balanced around 121 regardless of load. I am completely stumped. I have a Parallax transfer switch which at least looks fine and is not showing any error lights. I have a progressive EMS Downstream of the transfer switch. It is detecting similar load and balances as is my AC feeder panel. I am completely stumped as to what could be causing this serious problem. Anyone have an idea?

Rich 2002 Magna

Re: Bizarre electrical load problem

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Yahoo Message Number: 111632

The typical cause for this is a loose or bad neutral connection. It may in the plug, cord reel, transfer switch, etc.