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tow lights

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I've lost the lights on my 2011 Honda CRV tow. Left/right/Brake lights work on CRV standalone as do the lights on the 2006 CC Allure 430 Hood River #31301. Tie together and the lights on the tow don't mimic the MH. New 7-pin cable didn't have any effect. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Also, trying to chase the wiring/fuses on the MH. Where is the tow board (assuming I have one)? Where are the fuse panels? I know there is one in the shelving unit in the bedroom and in the outside compartment under drivers area. Main breakers are in the middle cabinet by the thermostat, floor heat and other controls. So, are there any others and where, oh where, are they?

Thanks for all of your help. Enjoy the forum even though I can't contribute much.

Stu Koop

2006 CC Allure 430 HR

Tow: 2011 Honda CRV with Blue Ox/Air force one.

Re: tow lights

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The tow board on my Allure is in the last compartment on passengers side mounted on the roof of that compartment under a metal cover. The same compartment them fuel filters are located.

Re: tow lights

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Thanks, Danny. I will check those areas again.

I'll be the first to admit 'newbie' status, so I'm just trying to make sure I completely understand everyone's suggestions and that I leave no compartment unturned. Just to further the conversation, the last compartment passenger side on my Allure is the battery/inverter area. My fuel filters on mounted on the back of the engine compartment just above the tow WIRES.(I think).

Stu Koop

2006 Allure 430 HR

Re: tow lights

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Well a guess they changed since 2003. Sorry but I don't know where it might be then. My tow board was not mounted where the manual said it would be so I don't know if your manual would help you find it. I am sure someone with your year coach will jump in here soon to help you.

Re: tow lights

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Thanks to all for the suggestions. Chased it to a loose ground on the car in the 6pin connector.

Stu Koop

CC Allure 430 #31301