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Norcold settlement

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Just got my Norcold class action settlement check today. Want to thank who ever it was that let us know about this.

Re: Norcold settlement

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You can give a great big shout out to Terrance Beard of Pittsburg, CA. Terry was the one who fought for every penny any of us will get.

Thank you Terry,

Jock Vargo

Re: Norcold settlement

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I got $9.16 with like amounts for the nest three years. Total of $36.11. But, I didn't have a problem and sold the coach in 2010 ('05 Inspire). I suspect I would have replaced it with a Samsung if I had kept it. I susp[ect that the lawyers got at least 33% of the settlement, if not more.

Dave Glen '06 magna #6591

Re: Norcold settlement

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Just got back from 4 weeks on the road, and the first of four checks of 228.90 was waiting. KUDOs Terry thank you for your diligence.
Gerry Bayles
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2014 CRV toad
new Samsung 2015

Norcold Settlement

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I see emails in regard to the Norcold settlement, how does one get this settlement? Is there something we have to do? Any info would be appreciated.


Ken Mikkelson

2005 Inspire 51494

Re: Norcold Settlement

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I think you are to late. Sorry

On September 16, 2016, the Court will have a fairness hearing to determine whether or not the settlement should be granted final approval. The claims period in which class members may continue to submit claims extends through the August 26, 2016 deadline. We hope to secure as many valid claims from class members as possible before the deadline.

Please feel free to remind any other current or former RV owners (with a qualifying Norcold refrigerator or cooling unit) that they can submit a claim on the settlement website at www. before the August 26, 2016 deadline.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Class Counsel at norcold@... or the Claims Administrator at norcoldclassaction@....


Norcold Settlement Claims Administrator

Noncold Settlement

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I received a check for $228.00 Friday with a note saying there would be a total of 4 checks of the same amount over the next 4 years. That gives me $1000 to help pay for a Samsung getting installed.
Brian O’Day
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