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Natiional Interstate Insuarance

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I assume most of you with National Interstate Insurance coverage on your Coach know that the coverage is being terminated at your next renewal date. If not, then Their Customer Service Person states that you will be getting the termination notice near your renewal time. I'm told you will be getting a referral quote from SAFECO for continued coverage. With that info, What do you folks currently with SAFECO Insurance coverage think of SAFECO Service. I have until December to make a decision for changing.
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Re: Natiional Interstate Insuarance

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Lee, talked to our agent this morning at length about the Safeco policy. To much to write so I'll call.

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Re: Natiional Interstate Insuarance

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I have had it for 3 years with no issues, had a front window crack and they had it arranged to be replaced in a few days. I highly recommend them.


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Re: Natiional Interstate Insuarance

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National Interstate is getting out of the insurance business for the little guy. We were about 5% of their business and they didn't make enough money. It appears that those with a NI policy, when the premium comes due, is being canceled and being written under the Safeco brand. If you have total replacement, you won't have it under Safeco.

I talked to my agent yesterday while in Sioux Falls and e said that so far, there is nothing in writing as to how Safeco will be handling the situation. He said things have changed a couple of times in the last month as to what is going to be offered. He did say that no way will you be offered the same coverage's under Safeco as you were with NI.


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