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Slide stopped working

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Hi All,

Looking for advice/suggestions. Here are the details:

'01 Intrigue #11238

HWH 4 cylinder chain drive front slide Will not extend, upper front cylinder does not move, other 3 seem to function normally, but cannot extend the slide as it binds due to the front cylinder Nothing jamming the system

2 of the 4 high pressure switches on the equalizing cylinder checked defective and were replaced as per HWH consult

Pump now runs normally

Cylinder still doesn't move

Waiting till Monday for more consult with HWH

Any suggestions?
Don Krahling

Re: Slide stopped working

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Wow! Call HWH again. I've found their tech support is excellent, but these are really complex systems and you really need expert advice...

Don Hutchins

'08 Allure 470 #31613