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Rear pump noise on 2003 Lexa

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After returning from a trip and parking, I'm getting a weird pump noise that seems like it's from the right rear engine compartment, but is equally loud from the two right rear bays, the chassis battery compartment, and the rear fluid/filter compartment. Nothing in the coach is on, I did not think to disconnect the 12v house battery to see if that stops it.

Here's a link to the noise if anyone wants to hear it live as I move my cellphone around the compartments.
Dropbox - CoachNoise.MOV

It's not the pump for the coolant fluid (tried that, it works but makes a different noise), it's possible it's the oil lift pump but that level is full (and oil level on coach is where I left it, just a hair under the full mark), the oil pump toggle switch pushed into the engine bay when I tried toggling it 😊 Too hot in the engine bay (all-day drive in 100+ degree heat with water temp ~192, so didn't feel like fumbling around 200 degree steel in the dark).

-Jim Walsh
2003 Lexa

Re: Rear pump noise on 2003 Lexa

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Hi Jim,

I too have a Lexa and have never experienced that issue as of yet. It would be interesting to test a few things. 1) If you kill all power to the coach and chassis batteries I assume the motor (which ever motor it is) should turn off. If you remove power and then re-connect power does the motor come back on.
2) If you start the Cat-15 again and then power it down does the motor continue running? 3) Once things cool down, can you gain additional visibility or determine source of noise from underneath the coach? Certainly make sure your lowest air bag levels are set before going underneath there.

It would be also interesting to know if this motor was continuing to cool things down if there was excessive heat, although I've never heard mine do that. Could be a defective motor that moves the fluid for the hurricane heater around the coach and through the engine? ...although it was rather loud. Lastly, as I often have a question or comment about the Lexa, would love to exchange contact info. If nothing more than to swap Lexa related model stories. Took a rock in the radiator last weekend and assume the JB Radiator Stop Leak fluid I put in to stop the leak will have to be addressed sooner or later. I suppose my youngest daughter doesn't have to go to college so a new radiator may be in my future.

Good Luck!


2003 Lexa Odyssey #6254