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Electrical short Fuse blows:

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My 2003 Intrigue 36' 11588. In the ignition fuse box (below driver) I have a 20 amp fuse that blows when the ignition is turned on. The wire it serves is #134 and the drawings show it serves the Rear Heat Circulating Pump. The pump seems to be functioning when the heat thermostat is turned on. I'm having a hard time tracking the #134 wire back into the Hurricane furnace control box. It also appears that the horn is affected to as it doesn't toot.
I don't mean to imply I want to follow the wire as it and its bundle of wires can't be physically followed. But, I would think if a wire starts out labeled #134 it would make sense if it were also labeled on the other end.
Anyway - if anyone has any thoughts I'm willing to listen. Thanks.

Dave W.

Re: Electrical short Fuse blows:

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There is a coolant pump on the driver side of the frame rail in the engine compartment. That might be the pump being referenced.


'02 Intrigue 11427

Re: Electrical short Fuse blows:

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Hi Dave,

Don with the Intrigue has your answer. The pump Don is talking about pushes engine coolant from the rear to the front for your dashboard heat. This is independent of your Hurricane. You may have a second pump in the passenger's side front that pulls the same coolant. The Intrigue may or may not have the front pump. I would disconnect the wiring to the rear pump and see if that cures your problem.

Fred now w/SOB

Re: Electrical short Fuse blows:

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As Fred said, disconect the pump (drivers side next to the transmission) and see if the fuse holds. When these pumps fail they can freeze up and blow the fuse. I bypassed my pump because they run all the time and are prone to failure. I still have plenty of heat up front without it. I used the the power from this circuit to power my Fass fuel pump.
Bill 03 Intrigue 11514

Re: Electrical short Fuse blows:

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On my 2000 Magna, wire #134 starts in the front run bay connected to a 20 amp circuit breaker on the fuse panel and runs to the coolant boost pumps that help engine coolant get to the dash heat exchanger. There are two pumps on my coach, one in the engine compartment and one up front. You may also see reference to these pumps as 'bus' pumps.

Those pumps run anytime the ignition is turned on.

Most of the failure problems with these pumps is a significant coolant leak when the seals fail.

I don't know where the front pump is but I've read it is under the passenger side headlight. I know the rear pump on my coach is above the transmission in the engine compartment.

If you have a problem with one or both of these pumps many people have simply bypassed them with a short coolant hose and pipe nipple. Those that have bypassed the pumps haven't reported a problem with their dash heater.

If the pump(s) cause the fuse to blow you could disconnect the pump and see if the pump is the cause of your problem.


2000 40' Magna CAT C-10, #5892

Re: Electrical short Fuse blows:

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Pete - For future reference, our coaches should be similarly laid out and I replaced both "bus" pumps in the past two weeks. My forward pump (and the one that had the seal failure) is located in the electrical bay forward of the first bay. It is bolted to the floor and is easily accessible thru the larger access panel. I would imagine that the forward pump is similarly located on all the magna/affinity coaches of the same era.

Interestingly when I went in to change the aft pump I found it had been electrically disconnected but other than the disconnected wire was still functional. I've owned the coach for 9 years but haven't had it in cold weather to know what issues there may have been with regard to heating. No idea why the pump had been disconnected but not replumbed if there were issues with it.


2000 40' Magna #5788

Re: Electrical short Fuse blows:

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Don & Pete, I "thank you" as I think you have the answer to the problem. I have been mistaking the "rear heat circulating pump" as the pump located with the Hurricane hydronic furnace located in the 4th bay on the passenger side. Your answers put me back into the book where it showed the location of the "rear heat circulating pump". I'll be checking out the system shortly.

Dave W. 2003 Integrity 36' 11588

Re: Electrical short Fuse blows:

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Thanks Don, Pete & Fred. I have been mistaking the "rear heat circulating pump" to be the pump located in Bay #4 with the Hurricane hydronic furnace. I see now how this is all starting to make sense. Now maybe I will find the other end of wire #134. I'll be raising the bed for engine access and check things out. Thanks!

Dave W. 2003 Intrigue 36' #11588