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Which Tire

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Sorry, I know it's a tired topic but it's my turn. Time to re-tire our Inspire and I would like some feedback on the two Michelin's offered the the FMCA program: MICHELIN 295/ XZA2 ENERGY 150K LRJXZA2 Energy


The Multiway is $90 more per tire, what are the benefits?

Jim Coshow

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Re: Which Tire

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Are they both 295/60R22.5?

One tire (XZA2 Energy ) is considered all position and starts with 16/32".

The XMulti way XD is a directional drive tire and starts with 23/32".

Re: Which Tire

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Enter in your own parameters on this, but their is a 'Rolling Resistance' difference between the two tires.

Rolling Resistance Comparison | Michelin Truck

I'll also share that we went from 12r's Michelin XZE* tires, to the XZA2's in 295 size. The XZA2's ride much nicer then the XZE*'s (Which were made for heavy abuse usage, so much beefier sidewalls.)

Best of luck to you,

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