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One of 6 bad battery?

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I checked my 6, 6v domestic batteries today with one of the turkey baster testers -

One battery I think is going bad - the other 5 are all reading 1275-1300 on all cells pretty evenly, but the one battery varies from 1260 to 1300, and one cell was unusually high in acid level. I do check and fill the batteries as necessary every 3 months, and I did fill them 2 weeks ago. How is the one cell much higher now?

The bank is float charged, and I did a equalization cycle about 2 weeks ago (last time as about a year ago).

So, my question is, if the one battery is going bad, will it negatively effect the other 5, such that I should replace the one battery?

The batteries are Interstate Deep Cycle Extreme- GC2-XHD-UTL - I think they are around 4-5 years old at this point (the date stickers were not changed to show the date).


Wes Owens

Currently in Grand Lake, Colorado

Re: One of 6 bad battery?

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Yes a Congleton cell in a single battery will effect the entire bank it is part of.

Re: One of 6 bad battery?

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Hi Wes, My Dec. 2012 T105's are routinely 1.260 to 1.275 and still float easily. One battery will effect the performance of the bank but .040 isn't alarming.

Good Luck....Skip 2002 Intrigue #11329 currently in Lincoln City, OR