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Water Pump Recommendation

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Was thinking of this on my drive into work this morning.

2007 Magna

When compared to the water pump on my prev coach (2005 Monaco Dynasty) in my opinion, the water pump on the former was MUCH more quiet. Sounds like the pump on my Magna is straining (lack of better word to describe how she sounds.)

Don't recall specifically which model but pretty sure it's a SureFlo (or something like that.)

a) Anyone have any recommendations on the best water pump to buy. Don't care about cost. Just want reliable and quiet.

b) Installation of said pump? Easy, moderate or difficult. Important to note - I am NOT a repair kind of guy and would usually pay someone to do whatever need be done. But I can't imagine a water pump would be that hard?

Thanks as always friends.

Re: Water Pump Recommendation

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Recently replaced our FlowJet with Aqua Jet AES from the RV Water Filter store. Much better, of course flushing out the Aqua Hot helped as well.

Wally & Elta Mae

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