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Hydralift Install - Weight distribution concerns


I am interested in adding a Hydralift motorcycle lift to the chassis of my 2002 Allure 40 (single axle).  I would like to speak with someone familiar with the engineering of this chassis to get specific responses to my questions of load capacity and weight distribution by using this Hydralift product.

Given the situation with the Country Coach corporate assets being owned by Winnebago, I am looking to get any advice I can from those of you in the know as to how I might get in touch with some of the CC folks (who I read may still be available) with knowledge of CC's past products.

Are there any methods that are still available to get this type of technical information for a chassis that is no longer being produced?

Thanks for your consideration.

Curt & Dana
2002 Allure 40' (2 Slide)
Winchester, TN.